• Mr Panayiotis Kyprianou is an attorney at law and runs his own law firm. Panayiotis obtained a Bachelor of Laws with distinction from the University of Nicosia. Furthermore, earned the Master of Laws degree in International Business Law from Cardiff Metropolitan University, in Wales, United Kingdom. In addition, he has attended various certified seminars in the fields of real estate law and inheritance law. He has published numerous legal articles. Panayiotis lectures in the field of Business Law, while his main practice areas of law, among others, are Real Estate Law, Inheritance Law and Contract Law.

  • Mr Christakis Temereas graduated with distinction from Intercollege Nicosia in 2020 from under the Culinary Arts programme. In 2021 he continued his studies in the UK at Derby University and completed his MBA with a 2.1. When he returned to Cyprus, and while working in the hospitality industry in five-star hotels, he lectured on a part-time basis at Intercollege, the platform from where he first launched his career. He has been a part-time instructor at Intercollege since September 2022 and, at the same time, proactive in the hospitality industry.

  • Maria Charitou holds a Master of Science in Management with Enterprise & Business Growth (with merit) from the University of Glasgow (Scotland) and a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management (with distinction) from Johnson & Wales University in the United States of America. She also earned a Diploma in Culinary Arts from the Higher Hotel Institute Cyprus. In addition, she has participated in several Culinary competitions and was one of ten members in Cyprus’ National Junior Culinary team during 2014 – 2015. Maria has worked in four- and five-star hotels in Cyprus and the United States of America. Ms Charitou joined the faculty of Intercollege as a Culinary Arts Instructor in September 2022.

  • Associate Lecturer

    Captain/Dr Andreas Frangos is a Master Mariner with more than 30 years of experience in the Maritime Industry. His expertise includes in Ship Management and operating Bulk Carriers, and Tankers (MRs, Aframaxes, Suezmaxes and LNGs). He has been engaged in the Education sector for over 16 years, having lectured at various educational and professional institutions (TEPAK, Frederick University Cyprus, and Cyprus Maritime Academy). In 2011, Dr Frangos completed the DProf at from the University of Middlesex, London in Maritime Education (Tanker Chartering). His research addressed Maritime Education and writing curricula on Tanker Chartering. He also holds a BSc from the University of Patra (1982, Faculty of Science) and DPSA/MSC from U.W.I.S.T (1983, University of Wales, Institute of Science and Technology). Dr Frangos also holds a Captain A Class Certificate. He is a Fellow of the ICS (Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers) Association in London and he is the substitute representative of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber (CSC) in the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO). Dr Frangos is currently working as a full-time lecturer at Intercollege, delivering lectures under the BSc in Nautical Science programme in his field.

  • Assistant Professor

    Dr Elias Yfantis is a Professor for Marine Engines at the Hellenic Naval Academy since December 1995 and the Programme Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Programme at the University of Nicosia (School of Sciences and Engineering, Department of Engineering) since September 2017. Dr Yfantis also teaches courses in his field at Intercollege (BSc in Nautical Science), such as Ship Stability and Strength. Dr Yfantis earned his PhD in 1991 and his Engineering Diploma in 1987, both from the School of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

  • Ms Maria Athanasiou is an attorney at law. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of South Wales (2016) and a Master of Laws Degree specialized in International Commercial law from Cardiff University (2017). Ms Athanasiou is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Nicosia focusing on the Law of the Sea. During 2015 to 2018, she was the secretary of Young European Movement Wales, UK. Since 2020, Ms Athanasiou is a part-time Instructor at Intercollege under the BSc in Nautical Science programme, teaching related modules in Maritime Law.

  • Mr Constantinos Adamides holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the Frederick Institute of Technology (2006). Over the past years, Mr Adamides focused on his primary responsibilities including, amongst others, Admissions, Erasmus Co-ordination (Inter-Institutional Agreements/Student Mobility/Staff Mobility), and Lecturing in I.T. He is also responsible for I.T. Administration (back-ups/performance and maintenance of the College’s network and the seamless operation of the College’s computer laboratories, the performance/maintenance of peripherals, and managing hardware/software problems that surface). During the past six years, Mr Adamides has taught as a part-time instructor at Intercollege Nicosia. In October 2019, he began teaching I.T. modules under the BSc in Nautical Science programme.

  • Mr George Philippides holds a Higher Engineering Diploma awarded by the Higher Technological Institute. He obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology & Economics in 2001. Upon completing his studies, he began working as a mechanical engineer in various companies in Cyprus and abroad, with major construction projects as the main range of work, gaining extensive experience in terms of design, planning, supervision, and installation of various mechanical systems / facilities. At Intercollege, since 2014, Mr Philippides acts as Coordinator of the “Mechanical Installations Technician” programme and lectures in several courses. Furthermore, he is the industry liaison with regards to the placement of students at respective Mechanical Installations companies, to complete their Summer Internship. He is a member of various professional organizations such as a) The Association of Mechanical Engineers of Cyprus, b) The Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETSC), c) The Register of Qualified Energy Efficiency Experts for Residential Buildings, d) The Electrical and Mechanical Advisors liaison of Cyprus, and e) The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Organization.

  • Dr Andreas Chrysanthou graduated from the English School Nicosia in 1974 and completed his studies in the University of Salford UK (1975-1984), attaining the BSc and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering Science. Having worked for several years in the UK Ministry of Defense, he returned to Cyprus where he became active in various fields of engineering disciplines on the island.  He gave particular emphasis to the design and installation of centralized air conditioning and underfloor heating systems. Dr Chrysanthou joined the ranks of Intercollege Nicosia in 2006 and has been involved in the design and coordination of several technical programmes, especially in the fields of Mechanical and Electrical Installations. Dr Chrysanthou is currently the Director of Administration of at Intercollege and is actively engaged in teaching, particularly in the field of Thermodynamics.

  • Mr Demetris Hadjigregoriou is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and a Member of the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK). He has acquired extensive experience by working in for various organizations in the private sector, originally as a mechanical contractor and later on as consulting engineer. He possesses vast knowledge and understanding of systems using renewable energy and low consumption HVAC systems.

  • Ms Eliza Vassiliou was born in 1978 in Limassol and comes from the occupied Bella-Bais of Kyrenia. She graduated from Peter and Paul Lyceum.  In 1997 she began her studies in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Higher Technological Institute of Cyprus. She continued her studies at Arizona State University, USA, where she graduated with honours, obtaining a the BScE degree in Mechanical Engineering. After postgraduate studies she earned an MBA from the University of Leicester, UK. She holds a Diploma with Distinction in Occupational Health and Safety from Nebosh, UK.  She has been working for Chr. Mavromatis (pumps) Ltd since 2006 and currently holds the position of Operations Manager. She also teaches Plumbing and Occupational Health and Safety courses at Intercollege. Upon joining the Mechanical Engineers Association of Cyprus in 2007, she was elected as a member of the Board of Directors, assuming the position of Secretary of Public Relations. In 2009, she was elected General Secretary of the Association. In May 2012, she was elected the President of the Organization. She has been a member of the General Council of The Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) since 2014, served as General Secretary of the Chamber, and currently holds the position of Second Vice-President of ETEK. Ms Vassiliou is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Organization for the Promotion of Quality and a member of the Energy Audit Committee.

  • Mr Christos Proestos earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from at the University of Sunderland, U.K in 2001. He has been working as a Mechanical Engineer at a construction company in Cyprus and has completed numerous projects. Mr Proestos has attended many seminars (as attendee or as speaker), presentations and has qualified as a trainer in subjects in his field of work in vocational and academic settings. In 2009 he was employed as an External Lecturer/Assessor for Intercollege.

  • Mr Ioannis Ioannou holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Nicosia (awarded in 2012). He is a Team Lead for I.T. Platforms and Devices in the I.T. Department at the University of Nicosia.

  • Mr Christodoulos Kakoulli holds a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering from Frederick University (awarded in 2010). In 2016 he earned an MA in Management from the University of Wolverhampton. He worked at Global College as the Coordinator of Automotive Diplomas, where he also coordinated the Erasmus+ mobility activities for the Automotive students. Since 2020, he is the Coordinator of the Automotive Engineering (Diploma) programme at Intercollege.

  • Mr Nikos Georgiades studied at Frederick Institute of Technology where he obtained the Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He has vast experience in the field of vehicle maintenance. In 1992 he began working at car dealerships/workshops as a mechanic, rising to the position of workshop manager, while also delivering lectures at Intercollege under the Automotive programme.

  • Mr Panayotis Sakki graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Motorsport Engineering (2008). In 2010 he earned the Master of Engineering at in Hochschule Esslingen, Germany, specializing in Programming and Development of Car Systems. In 2010 he joined Mercedes Benz as a Technical Diagnostic where he acquired extensive knowledge in the area of diagnosis and repair of automotive systems. In 2012 he was promoted as Service Advisor at CIC Automasters for FIAT, Alfa Romeo and Jeep.

  • Mr Marios Agapiou graduated in 2008 with the title of BEng in Motorsports Engineering. Thereafter, he moved to Germany to pursue the MEng in Automotive Systems at Hochshulle Esslingen. Upon earning the MEng in 2010, he returned to Cyprus where he commenced his career as an engineer mechanic and as an instructor in the private sector, including higher education.

  • Dr Marios Stylianou is an Assistant Professor at Intercollege and holds the position of Aesthetics Programme Coordinator since September 2019. He completed his doctoral thesis in 2007, at the University of Cyprus, under the Department of Chemistry, in the field of Synthetic Non-organic and Bioinorganic Chemistry. He has collaborated with the University of Cyprus as a post-doctoral associate in Chemistry research programmes and as a visiting lecturer in Chemistry. As of 2009, he also teaches at the University of Nicosia, referenced in the School of Sciences and Engineering and in the study programmes of Human Biology, Nursing and Pharmacy.

    His research interests focus on the synthesis, structural characteristics and study of molecular models referred to in the interaction of metalo-enzymes/proteins that contain phenolic products as organic sub-layers involved in electron transfer mechanisms.

    He has numerous article publications in authoritative international scientific journals, has authored chapters concerning his research interests in scientific Chemistry books, has participated as a presenting speaker in international Chemistry conferences and has served as a supervising professor for students’ theses preparations in the fields of Biology and Synthetic Chemistry.

    Dr Stylianou is an active member of the Greek Cosmetology Society.

  • Ms Georgia Mina holds a postgraduate degree in Aesthetics (2019) with a focus in the fields of Aesthetic Care and Exercise, Health Promotion and Stress Management. Her 2015 degree focused on Aesthetics Therapies and Management of Aesthetics Units. while She also holds a degree in International Spa Management (2006). Moreover, Ms Mina holds diplomas relating to the Methodology of Teaching and Aesthetics (CIDESCO-Switzerland, ITEC-UK), in Specialized Treatments for the Face-make-up-manicure/pedicure, Massage Treatments, Electric Treatments for body/face, Permanent Hair-Removal, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy & Reflexology. She has participated in a number of scientific conferences and seminars in the field of Aesthetics and is a registered member of the Cyprus Association of Beauticians. As of 2019, she is the Associate Coordinator of the Intercollege Aesthetics programme.

  • Ms Sofia-Elissavet Theodoridou holds a postgraduate degree in Aesthetics (2018) with a focus in the fields of Organization, Management and Treatment Practices at Spa and Wellness Units from TEI Thessalonikis (2018). Her 2013 degree, also awarded by TEI Thessalonikis, focused on the primary fields of Aesthetics & Cosmetology. Moreover, she has specialized in make-up at the Making Beauty Academy in Milan (2014) and has participated in cosmetology training seminars regarding the production of cosmetic products and soaps offered by the life-long learning structure of the Pharmaceutical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has specialization in all facial treatments, in make-up, the use of prosthetic-materials and in non-permanent and permanent methods of hair-removal.

    Ms Sofia Theodoridou has worked at Aesthetics centres in Bologna, Italy and in Thessaloniki and also held posts as a beauty consultant in the pharmaceutical field. In September 2019 she began teaching in the Aesthetics programme at Intercollege.

  • Dr Constantina Markitani has been teaching medical courses under the Intercollege Aesthetics Programme since 2020. She earned a degree in General Medicine from the Crimean State Medical University in 2008. In 2009 she did an internship at the General Hospital of Nicosia and is a member of the Cyprus Medical Association. Dr Markitani participated as a researcher (Field Researcher) in “Respiratory Diseases and Environment” at the Cyprus International Institute for the Environment and Public Health, in association with Harvard School of Public Health. She has been teaching subjects of in her specialty since 2010. In 2013, she became a medical consultant for the international insurance company Bupa Global Medical Insurance. Since 2018, she has been working at the American Medical Center. She is also a Certified Instructor of Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA).

  • Dr Maria Michaelidou is a Specialist Dermatologist-Venereologist and a graduate of the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2011).
    She has worked for eight years in hospitals and clinics in Germany, where she received the title of “Medical Specialty of Dermatology and Venereology” from the Berlin Chamber of Physicians in July 2020. Among others, she worked as a doctor for two years in the clinic of Dermatology in Helios Hospital Schwerin (Academic hospital of the University of Rostock). From March 2016 to December 2017, she worked in the Clinic of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology of Charité – Berlin University of Medicine. In the same period, she also worked as a doctor in clinical studies at Comprehensive Allergy-Center-Charité (CACC).

    In June 2021, she concluded her doctoral thesis with distinction and was awarded the title Doctor of medicine (Dr. med.) from the Clinic of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology of Charité – Berlin University of Medicine, Germany. Since March 2021, she maintains a private dermatology practice in Nicosia. She is a member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV), the German Society of Dermatology (Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft-DDG), the Professional Association of German Dermatologists (Berufsverband der deutschen Dermatologen-BVDD), the Berlin Chamber of Physicians (Ärztekammer Berlin), the Cyprus Medical Association, the Cyprus Society of Dermatology and Venereology, the Hellenic Society of Dermatology and Venereology and the Facial Esthetic and Rejuvenation Academy of Greece (FERA).

    Dr Michaelidou has participated in numerous Greek and international conferences and is fluent in Greek, English and German.

  • Mr Andronikos Leivadiotis holds a postgraduate degree in Nursing from the European University of Cyprus (2018), with specialization in the prevention and therapy of diseases related to pressure ulcers. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in his specialty.

    In October 2019 he took on a part-time lecturing post, teaching courses under the field of Nursing, at Intercollege. He is a nurse at the surgical unit of the Nicosia General Hospital. In the past, he has worked as a nurse the Military Hospital of the Cyprus National Guard and at Aretaeio Private Hospital.

    His resume includes publications in authoritative scientific magazines, participations in scientific conferences and seminars in the field of nursing. Moreover, he is an active participant in charitable events and organizations.

  • Mr Andreas Koureas is a part-time lecturer at Intercollege since February 2018. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics (BSc in Development and Economics). He also possesses an MBA and a BA in International Relations and European Studies. At Intercollege, he teaches courses in the field of Management and Economics.

  • Mr Kallinikos Tsolias earned the ‘Higher Diploma in Telecommunications and Information Technology’, at Intercollege Nicosia, with a scholarship from Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA). He then completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering in 2008, at the University of Nicosia. In 2009, he was awarded the Master’s Degree in Electrical Power Systems Engineering at Manchester University.

    He holds a professional license for as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK). In addition, he is licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment in Refrigeration and Heating, Category I.

    Mr Tsolias has been teaching at Intercollege since 2013, in the areas of Computer Technology and Electrical Technician. The subjects he teaches are Digital Systems, Network Cabling, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Electrical Electronic and Digital Circuits Lab, Electronic Circuits and Communications. Furthermore, he currently teaches Basic Principles of Electricity and Special Topics in Physics for the Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Installation Technician, and Aesthetics programmes.


  • Dr Maria Christofidou is an adjunct faculty member at the department of Life and Health Sciences since 2011, as well as a Problem-Based Learning tutor, at the Medical School of the University of Nicosia since 2013. She holds a BSc on in Applied Biology from Northumbria University, at Newcastle (2004); an MSc in Medical Genetics from Glasgow University (2005); and a PhD on in Genetics/Genomic Epidemiology from the University of Manchester (2010), during which she investigated the Genetic Basis of Childhood Eczema, studying candidate genes. Dr Christofidou has attended and presented extensively at international conferences, was a member of the Genetics Journal Club of the ARC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Manchester, and a European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) junior member who has been was awarded an EAACI travel grant to attend the EAACI 2008 Congress held in Barcelona in 2008, as well as the “Applied Sciences Prize for personal development in the Division of Biological and Food Science”. From May 2011 until March 2016, she was a research affiliate at the Mediterranean Centre for Cancer Research.

    Dr Christofidou has over 15 years teaching experience and laboratory research at university level, both in Cyprus and the UK. Her teaching involves a wide range of biology-related subjects, including basic and advanced biology, genetics and research methods at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her research interests include cancer genetics, epidemiology, genomic epidemiology, nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. In 2013, she was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the “One Dream, One Wish” Cyprus association for children with cancer and related diseases.

  • Mr Nicholas Orphanides is a senior lecturer at Intercollege the College, holding the position of the Programme Coordinator of the “Diploma in Culinary Arts in Greek”, “Diploma in Culinary Arts in English”, and “BA Culinary Arts Management in Greek”. He has extensive experience in coordinating and teaching in higher education programmes and possesses comprehensive expertise in presentations, lectures and teaching both in academia and the hospitality industry. He is a certified trainer for vocational training with the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA), and has served as a Secretary (BoD member) of the Cyprus Chefs Association for seven consecutive years. He is very well-connected with professionals and partners in the hospitality industry in Cyprus and abroad. He frequently attends educational and training courses in Food and Beverage. He participates as an expert in a number of European programmes. His research and studies support the operational skills of employees in the hospitality industry. Mr Orphanides has served on steering committees in a number of projects while working on the development of Digital Educational Programmes for the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth.

    Mr Orphanides obtained his “Diploma in Hotel Management” at the “Institut Hôtelier Cesar Ritz” in Switzerland, and then graduated from De Montfort University in England with the “BA in Hotel Business Management”. He holds an MBA with a specialization in Management from the University of Nicosia.

  • Upon graduation from the Pancyprian Gymnasium, Mr Panayiotis Theodosiou was then accepted, after successfully passing his Hotel and Catering Institute (IXET) entry exams where he studied Cuisine-Pastry. (IXET became the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus (HHIC) and then merged with the Cyprus University of Technology in 2022.)

    Mr Theodosiou has over 30 years experience in the Hotel Industry, starting from an ordinary cook and reaching the rank of Executive Chef in four- and five-star hotels in Cyprus, Europe and Asia, culminating in working as a chef in the Taj Mahal. His initial involvement in teaching Culinary Arts was in 1986. He occasionally collaborated with both HHIC and the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) in providing regular trainings and business seminars. At the same time, he taught, through the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, in Educational Programmes on Cooking-Confectionery. He has, for many years, presented cooking shows on television and radio. His passion for sharing his knowledge and skills, encouraged him to teach Culinary Arts in higher education. He, therefore, upgraded his qualifications and obtained the Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts, as well as the Master Degree in Culinary Arts in Higher Education. Mr Theodosiou has been with Intercollege since 2010 as a Cooking, Pastry, Bakery and Butchery lecturer and head instructor.

  • Mr Angelos Iacovides is the Managing Director of Scenario Group. He studied Media and Communication at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom. He is a lecturer at Intercollege teaching Marketing and Public Relations. He is also Head of Marketing and Communication for Intercollege, the Cyprus Maritime Academy, and the University of Nicosia Training and Development Unit. He has over 25 years media experience as a radio producer and presenter (SUPER FM, KLIK FM), Journalist (To Periodiko, TV Star, Eleftheria newspaper London), website owner (music.net.cy, skopies.net, mugmag.co.uk), and TV producer and presenter (PIK, SIGMA, O ΛΟΓΟΣ, MTV CYPRUS).

  • Mr Yiannis Kouis holds a BSc in Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Administration from the University of New Orleans, U.S.A. and a Master’s degree in Hotel Administration from Cornell University, in New York. He also completed the special one-year programme at of the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus.

    His industry experience is in both America and Cyprus, where he held managerial positions in several hotel operations and restaurants. From 1993 to 2006, he was the Department Head of the Hospitality and Tourism Program at Intercollege, and from 2006 to 2009, he taught at government Hotel Technical Schools (under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports). Between 1999 and 2003, he also lectured at the Higher Hotel Institute in Nicosia. From 2009 to 2014, he held the position of the Director of Administration of the Cyprus Tourism Organization, where he also served on the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2008. In 2014, he returned to Intercollege and continues lecturing in the Culinary Arts Management programme.

  • Ms Fotini Lappa is a Dietitian/Nutritionist specializing in Sports Nutrition. She pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Surrey (UK). She also holds a Master of Science (Medical Science) in Human Nutrition with an emphasis in Sports Nutrition from the University of Glasgow (UK). She worked as a clinical dietitian at ‘Ygeia Hospital’ in Athens, Greece, from 2003 to 2005.

    She is currently (since 2010) a lecturer in Nutrition and Food Science at the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Department of Intercollege and the University of Nicosia respectively. Several of the courses she teaches at Intercollege are Food Science and Nutrition, Antioxidants and Functional Foods, and Nutrition in Diseases. In addition, she has her own private practice, counselling predominantly athletes and patients with obesity, diabetes (type II) and cardiovascular problems.

  • Ms Chrysanthi Papaioannou holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the American College of Greece and a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from the University of Exeter in England.

    She has 23 years of experience as an English teacher, 18 of which in higher education. She has been lecturing at Intercollege Nicosia and the University of Nicosia since 2006; in 2021 she became a full-time member of the faculty. She specializes in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses and in the development of oral and written skills in the English language.

  • Mr Giannos Panagiotou is a graduate of Frederick University (2010) and holds a Bachelor degree in Automotive Engineering. He works as an Automotive Diagnostic Technician and Operations Manager. He regularly attends seminars on the automotive industry, allowing him to remain current with advances in modern technology. Mr Panagiotou is also a certified instructor in the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) high-speed learning programmes.

  • Dr Pinelopi Stavrinou, holds a BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science, an MSc in Biology of Exercise, and PhD in Exercise Science and Physical Education. Her BSc and MSc degrees were awarded by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2005 and 2010 respectively. Her PhD was earned at the University of Nicosia in 2018. She is an accredited Exercise Physiologist by the Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Physiology of Exercise.

    She has published scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and has presented her research work in various international conferences. Dr Stavrinou has received research grants as the principal investigator of the studies. Her research interests include healthy aging, the physiological adaptations to high-intensity interval training, the effects of exercise and hydration on health, and combat sports. As a post-doc researcher, she examined the associations between functional capacity, cognitive function and quality of life in older adults.

    She is an active member of international sports science-related bodies such as the European College of Sports Science and the Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Physiology of Exercise. She is a Management Committee member of European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action “Network on evidence-based physical activity in old age”. Currently, Dr Stavrinou is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Nicosia teaching various courses related to exercise and health, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and delivers lectures in courses related to her field of expertise at Intercollege.

  • Ms Elena Protopapa holds a Bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature from the University of Cyprus and a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Strasbourg, France. She has 10 years’ experience as a French teacher in secondary education in the programmes of the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports and has been teaching at the Intercollege, Culinary Arts programme since September 2021.

  • Ms Panagiota Argyrou was appointed as a full-time lecturer at Intercollege in January 2023 teaching major subjects in Physics, Mathematics and Applied Statistics under all programmes of study. Ms Argyrou earned her MSc by Research in Physics in 2016. During her studies, she worked as a member of the Superconductivity and Magnetism group of the Condensed Matter team in the Department of Physics at the University of Warwick, UK. For her thesis, she conducted a study that focused on exploring the superconducting characteristics of non-centrosymmetric superconductors within the Niobium-Rhenium compound series. This investigation was supported by advanced experimental equipment offering high-definition results. During her Master’s studies, she was employed by the Department of Engineering as a Laboratory Demonstrator/Supervisor for undergraduate Physics students. Her undergraduate studies were pursued at the University of Kent, UK, where she was awarded the BSc (with Honours) in Physics in 2015.  Her thesis was on Colour Perception and Virtual Reality with the aid of Oculus Rift equipment, in coordination with BAE Systems Company. Moreover, she was an academic peer mentor for undergraduate Physics students in parallel with her undergraduate studies.

  • Mr Antonis Petrou holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Databases both from Sheffield Hallam University. Moreover, he earned his Master’s degree in Computer Security and Resilience at Newcastle University. In recognition of his achievements during his postgraduate studies, ORACLE awarded him a prize for the work he produced. He is a certified holder of CISCO CCNA and CISCO CCNA Security qualifications for computer networks. In addition, he gained Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) certification from EC-Council, a certification associated with network security and ethical hacking professionals.

    Mr Petrou has been working at ASTROBANK since 2011 and holds the title of Systems Security Administrator. He is a part-time lecturer at Intercollege teaching Computer Technology related courses.

  • Mr Nicholas Kythreotis graduated from English School Nicosia and, after completing his military service, studied at City University in London where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Laws (with Honours) in Business Law (1999) and then continued his studies at King’s College in London where he received the Master of Arts (with Merit) in International Relations/Mediterranean Studies (2000).

    In 2000-2001, he worked as a trainee advocate in Cyprus and then moved abroad where he pursued a long and distinguished career. During that time, Mr Kythreotis founded his own companies, employing a significant number of staff, participated in several business ventures and that continue their successful operation to this date. In early 2017, he began working on a part-time basis at the University of Nicosia. In March 2019, he was appointed Executive Director of Intercollege and the Cyprus Maritime Academy where he also lectures in courses related to Maritime Law.

  • Mr Kyriacos Patsalides is currently the Associate Director and Director of Academic Affairs at Intercollege Nicosia and the Cyprus Maritime Academy. Mr Patsalides holds a Bachelor Degree in Mineral Resources Engineering from the Technical University of Crete – Greece (2012) and a Master’s Degree (awarded with Distinction) in Oil and Gas Engineering from the University of Aberdeen – Scotland (2014). Mr Patsalides is currently pursuing his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Cyprus. For the past seven years, he has been working in Higher Education as a Head of Department/Academic Director/Associate Director in the Oil and Gas and Maritime sector. He has proven organisational, social and leadership skills and is experienced in team management and coordination. Mr Patsalides has abundant experience in developing, implementing and evaluating strategic plans and objectives. Moreover, he is an internal auditor for the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, currently developed for Intercollege and the Cyprus Maritime Academy. Mr Patsalides is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the Onboard Practical Training for student-cadets of the BSc in Nautical Science programme.

  • Ms Fani Papamichael holds a degree in “Sociology with a minor in Political Science” from the University of Cyprus and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Cyprus Institute of Management. She is a Certified Trainer for the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) of Cyprus. She has been working at Intercollege since 2011, primarily in the Training and Development Department. She is the Erasmus mobility coordinator of Intercollege and she deals with the placement of students for as they undertake internships and when they participate in European programmes abroad under the Erasmus programme. She also facilitates/coordinates staff who train abroad with Erasmus funding. In addition, one of her main responsibilities is handling student issues at the Student Affairs Office. Included in her responsibilities are the HRDA subsidized programme pproposals.

    Ms Papamichael teaches subjects in the areas of Human Resources Management, Communication and Behaviour under the Culinary Arts programme at Intercollege, at the Cyprus Maritime Academy, and under the Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management programmes at the University of Nicosia School of Business. She is a member of the council of the Cyprus Sociological Association and a member of the Film Classification Board of the Press and Information Office. Her research interests focus on Social Sciences, Communication and Branding.