Wellness Facilities

Intercollege’s wellness facilities are designed to provide our students with a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience in the field of aesthetics and wellness. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped with the latest tools and technologies, mirroring the environment of professional wellness centers. These facilities serve as practical training grounds where students can apply their theoretical knowledge, develop their skills, and gain valuable experience in various wellness practices. The aesthetic and wellness programmes have four independent laboratories: make-up laboratory, facial treatments laboratory, body treatments laboratory, and nail-care laboratory. Moreover, in collaboration with Pharmacy Programme of the University of Nicosia, students perform the laboratory-practical sessions of Chemistry and Cosmetology-cosmetics products synthesis.

Wellness Labs Spotlight

A Closer Look at Our wellness Facilities

Innovative learning methodologies that combine theoretical education with continuous practical exercise in Aesthetics, Wellness and Cosmetology, in state-of-the-art facilities.

Summer internship periods and direct contact in work environment of beauty and wellness that enhance experience and skills.

Wide and lucrative job career opportunities through cooperations with industry in the field of beauty and wellness.  

1st Award in the National European Contest for Beauty Dexterities – Euro Skills 2023.  

State-of-the-Art Wellness Facilities

Make-up Laboratory

Students are provided with all essential make-up cosmetic products, in order to perform all the basic make-up techniques and applications, such as artistic and theatrical make-up, being familiar with the use of prosthetic materials as well as contemporary applications of permanent make-up and tattooing.


Facial Treatments Laboratory

Excellent-equipped laboratory, in terms of construction-apparatus, which supports the identification-clinical diagnosis of skin types, along the basic facial techniques of cleansing and care. Students are trained in modern apparatus, which evaluate basic parameters of skin analysis (hydration, skin pores, wrinkles, sebum levels, etc.). Additional laboratory equipment for the treatment of unfavored clinical skin conditions by the application of specialized facial treatments, such as acne and skin ageing.


Body Treatments Laboratory

Designed laboratory for the application of classical and specialized body treatments, such as temporary hair removal methodologies, body electrotherapies, uses and applications of LASER/IPL techniques. Additional laboratory equipment for the treatment of unfavored clinical skin conditions, such as cellulite and obesity. Body treatments laboratory involves applications that promote mental health and well-being, such as: SPA treatments, alternative body wellness treatments, aromatherapy and reflexology.

Nail-Care Laboratory

Specialized laboratory having the required equipment and cosmetic products for the application of manicure and pedicure, treatments of hands-nails and specialized nail treatments. Students have all the required tools and materials for nail design and artistic creation, as well as being trained in artificial nail techniques.


Chemistry & Cosmetology Laboratories

Students become familiar with all the required basic techniques and instrumentation referring to the principles of Chemistry in order to understand the field of cosmetics products formulation. Students are educated in experimental procedures of pH-metric measurements, volumetric analysis and component separation techniques, such as extraction and distillation. The Cosmetology laboratories provide practical training for the preparation process of all basic cleansing, care and protection cosmetics, as well as the formulation of specialized cosmetic products.