Student & Alumni Careers

At Intercollege, we are dedicated to helping our students unlock their full potential and launch successful careers in their chosen fields. Our comprehensive career support services provide guidance, resources, and opportunities to empower students as they transition from academic life to the professional world.

Placement Centre

Job Placement services are offered to Intercollege students and alumni. The Student Affairs Office provides information, advice and guidance to students and alumni regarding matters that affect their academic development, employment and future career.

The Student Affairs Office maintains and updates a list of job vacancies and assists students in sourcing employment when needed. For the applicants who register for this service, a credentials file with transcripts and recommendations is kept on record.

Workshops are occasionally organized on techniques for writing CVs, identifying vacancies and attending job interviews.

Career seminars and job fairs are also conducted, during which prospective employers may present career prospects and opportunities to interested students.

The aim is for students to acquire skills and become competent enough to address the market needs and help get a job that fits their profile.

Further information & advice: [email protected]

Job Listings