Intercollege Enrichment Culinary programmes are providing a comprehensive education in diverse aspects of gastronomy. From the delicate art of preparing festive foods to understanding the principles behind fasting and healthy meals, global cooking techniques and contemporary mixology, our courses are curated to enhance your culinary repertoire.

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Awarded Southern Europe’s Best Culinary Arts School 2017 and 2019

Awarded School with Gold Medals in international competitions

Perfect blend of theoretical education and practical demonstrations in well-equipped laboratories and a modern gastronomic amphitheater

Programmes are led by seasoned, Michelin-starred chefs and international cuisine ambassadors from Cyprus and beyond

Festive Foods

This programme is an exploration into the making of sweets, pastries, and diverse festive dishes, providing you with the necessary skills to create enchanting holiday feasts. With a blend of traditional and innovative recipes, our accomplished chefs guide you through the complexities of festive cooking. Whether you’re an aspiring chef, a culinary enthusiast, or someone who simply loves to entertain, this programme will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to impress your guests and celebrate special occasions with unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

Quick Fasting & Healthy Meals

This course aims to enlighten you about the symbiotic relationship between nutrition and health, blending the principles of fasting with the art of preparing balanced, flavorful meals. Led by experienced chefs and nutritionists, our programme empowers you to embrace and navigate dietary restrictions without sacrificing taste or satisfaction. Ideal for those looking to improve their health, manage dietary needs, or simply expand their repertoire with versatile, nourishing dishes, this programme offers an exciting exploration into the realm of nutritious culinary arts.

Cooking from Around the World

This course offers a unique culinary voyage, inviting you to explore and recreate the diverse flavours and techniques of global cuisines. From the aromatic spices of Indian curries to the delicate balance of French gastronomy, and from the rustic heartiness of Italian fare to the fresh zest of Mexican cuisine, our expertly-guided lessons open up a world of culinary possibilities. Ideal for aspiring chefs, passionate foodies, or anyone looking to broaden their cultural palate, this programme promises a transformative journey into the heart of international cooking.

Chocolate Masterclass

The Chocolate Masterclass is a delightful opportunity for culinary enthusiasts and dessert lovers alike. Whether you’re a skilled pastry chef, an aspiring baker, or simply passionate about sweet creations, this course invites you to indulge in the art of working with chocolate. Discover the secrets of expert pastry chefs, enhance your skills, and broaden your dessert repertoire in this immersive and captivating experience.

Trendy & Fancy Cocktails

Tailored for cocktail enthusiasts, this captivating course takes you on a journey into the exciting realm of mixology. Whether you’re an experienced bartender or a home entertainer, discover the art of crafting exquisite cocktails. Unveil the secrets behind classic recipes, embrace innovative techniques, and stay up-to-date with the latest mixology trends. From perfecting flavor combinations to mastering the art of presentation, this program equips you with the skills to impress at any social gathering. Dive into the vibrant world of cocktail culture and elevate your mixology skills to new heights. Cheers to an unforgettable experience!

Training and Development Unit

The Training and Development Unit provides coaching and training services in leadership, change management, communication skills, service excellence, personal development and information technology to businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals since 1989.

Throughout the years, leading companies and organizations have entrusted the training and development of their employees to the Unit and many individuals have benefited from the opportunities extended. Annually, more than 1000 professionals take part in the seminars, courses and workshops that are offered on all aspects of the Cyprus economy.

Through life-long learning partnerships and the achievement of service and education excellence, the Unit aims to be the trusted provider of advanced and applicable training programs. The Unit also offers a wide range of international accredited and recognized professional courses, through full time and part time training. As a result the Unit has expanded into becoming: