Intercollege offers an expansive selection of Βeauty and Wellness programmes that combine artistry with scientific understanding. Our courses range from a Bachelor degree in Αesthetics, a cornerstone for those seeking to deeply comprehend the science of Βeauty, to a comprehensive Diploma in Beauty and Wellness, perfect for those aspiring to become skilled practitioners in the industry.

Additionally, we offer various enrichment programmes tailored to provide expertise in specific areas of Beauty & Wellness. These programmes aim to provide the necessary qualifications to its graduates for a vibrant career in this ever-evolving field.

Why Choose Intercollege


Teaching is conducted through an ideal combination of theoretical and practical education, in fully equipped laboratories.

The programmes are taught by seasoned educators who possess specialized expertise in the fields of Aesthetics and Wellness.

The programmes equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career in the beauty and wellness sector.

Successful programme graduates may obtain internationally recognized ITEC certification from the UK through external examinations.

Bachelor of Arts


Step into the dynamic world of Beauty and Wellness through Intercollege’s Aesthetics Bachelor Degree Program. This rigorous course offers a thorough grounding in the principles of health, beauty, and wellness, while incorporating vital entrepreneurial skills. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to discover a broad spectrum of career prospects within the flourishing beauty and wellness sector, ensuring your preparedness for success in the industry.

2-Year Diploma

Beauty & Wellness

Invest in your future with Intercollege’s 2-Year Beauty & Wellness Diploma, designed to fast-track your career in the vibrant beauty and wellness sector. This comprehensive programme provides the foundational knowledge and hands-on experience required to thrive in this demanding, global industry, setting the stage for your success story.


Professional Programmes

Broaden your professional horizons with Intercollege’s Enrichment Programmes, meticulously crafted to refine your expertise in the nuanced realm of aesthetics and wellness. Engage with contemporary fields such as Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Professional Makeup, and Aromatherapy, guided by our comprehensive courses, all attuned to evolving industry standards. These programmes aim to enrich your professional skillset, diversify your career pathways, and foster innovation in health, beauty, and holistic wellness.