International Students

Intercollege hosts students from all over the world in a multicultural environment, welcoming a variety of international students every year.

Every effort is made to help our international students ease into university life in Cyprus, so as to make your transition here as smooth as possible.

Visa Information

International students planning to study at Intercollege should be aware of the necessary visa requirements to ensure a smooth transition to their new academic environment. Obtaining the appropriate visa is an essential step in the enrollment process.

Pre Arrival

Before your trip to Cyprus it is essential that you start planning ahead and make the right preparations regarding your travel and your student life in Cyprus.

Once You’re Here

All International students must comply with certain College and Immigration Authority regulations once they arrive in Cyprus in order to register for classes and also apply for their Student Visa.

About Cyprus

Cyprus is situated in the north-eastern corner of the Mediterranean, at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. The primary ancient Greek heritage of the island is enriched by the Egyptians and Romans, along with Crusaders, Byzantines, Franks and Ottomans, who have all left an indelible legacy for the modern visitor to see and admire.