Our Technical Professional programmes are crafted meticulously to meet the needs of professionals working in diverse yet intertwined fields. They are focusing on handling of refrigerants and the safety of alternative gases, and are curated in compliance with stringent European Union regulations. Each course offers comprehensive training that amalgamates theoretical knowledge and practical skills, aiming to not only boost professional competence but also ensure adherence to environmental and safety standards. Whether you are a cooling technician, an air conditioning specialist, or someone interested in the complex realm of heat pumps, these programs offer the opportunity to expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and enhance your professional journey.

Why Choose Intercollege

FOR YOUR enrichment technical programmes

Internationally recognized and adopted by countries like Belgium and Spain.

Essential for technicians in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump sectors.

Enhances safety, efficiency, and reliability skills with alternative refrigerant gases.

Mandatory certification for EU individuals and companies, increasing professional credibility.

F-GAS: Motor Vehicles

Obtain the F-Gas certification, your passport to employment as a refrigerant technician, empowering you to practice your profession or continue your operations across Europe. These programs are tailored for individuals handling refrigerant gases and other fluorinated greenhouse gases used in Standard Air Conditioning Systems, as defined by European Regulations EC 2067/2015 and EC 517/2014. As part of our comprehensive approach, we offer both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice. Boost your professional standing and confidence with certification from a recognized Accreditation Body.

REAL Alternatives: Flammables

The REAL Alternatives 4 Life European Programme is an innovative initiative addressing the use of alternative refrigerants, which are set to replace existing refrigerants by law starting from 2021. The National Agency for Cyprus is the University of Nicosia’s Training and Development Unit (TDU). This comprehensive program comprises nine distinct units and, at the current stage, will commence with modules focused on Flammable and CO2 gases. Our curriculum includes theoretical instruction, practical exercises, and examinations. Successful participants will receive a European Certificate, solidifying their knowledge and competencies in this vital area of industry regulation.

Training and Development Unit

The Training and Development Unit provides coaching and training services in leadership, change management, communication skills, service excellence, personal development and information technology to businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals since 1989.

Throughout the years, leading companies and organizations have entrusted the training and development of their employees to the Unit and many individuals have benefited from the opportunities extended. Annually, more than 1000 professionals take part in the seminars, courses and workshops that are offered on all aspects of the Cyprus economy.

Through life-long learning partnerships and the achievement of service and education excellence, the Unit aims to be the trusted provider of advanced and applicable training programs. The Unit also offers a wide range of international accredited and recognized professional courses, through full time and part time training. As a result the Unit has expanded into becoming: