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The REAL Alternatives 4 Life European Programme is a cutting-edge initiative that focuses on the utilization of alternative refrigerants, which are slated to replace current refrigerants in accordance with upcoming legislation from 2021 onwards. The University of Nicosia’s Training and Development Unit (TDU) serves as the National Agency for Cyprus, overseeing this comprehensive program consisting of nine distinct modules. The initial phase will cover Flammable and CO2 gases. Our curriculum encompasses theoretical training, practical exercises, and examinations, ensuring participants acquire a deep understanding of this crucial field. Upon successful completion, individuals will be awarded a European Certificate, validating their expertise and proficiency in compliance with industry regulations.


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FOR YOUR professional Real alternatives 4 Life programme

Internationally recognized and adopted by countries like Belgium and Spain.

Specifically designed for refrigeration technicians, air conditioning specialists, and professionals in the thriving heat pump sector.

Enhances your expertise in crucial areas such as safety, efficiency, reliability, and the unique challenges posed by alternative Refrigerants.

Programme Outline

Skills Acquired

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): This program is designed for refrigeration technicians, individuals involved in air conditioning systems, and those working in the heat pump sector.

  • Ammonia: The goal of this program is to improve the knowledge and skills of technicians in areas such as safety, efficiency, reliability, and the limitations of alternative refrigerants.

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The programme is designed for refrigeration technicians, professionals working with air conditioning systems, and those involved in the operation of heat pumps.


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