We transform your culinary passion into a profession with our comprehensive suite of culinary programmes. Whether you’re just beginning your journey with our Culinary Arts Management Degree or Culinary Arts Diploma, or looking to upgrade your skills with our professional and enrichment courses, we provide an immersive, hands-on experience that covers all aspects of the culinary world. Guided by our experienced faculty, you’ll learn not just the art and science of cooking, but also the business and ethics of the food industry.

Why Choose Intercollege

FOR YOUR professional culinary journey

Awarded Southern Europe’s Best Culinary Arts School 2017 and 2019

Awarded School with Gold Medals in international competitions

Perfect blend of theoretical education and practical demonstrations in well-equipped laboratories and a modern gastronomic amphitheater.

Programmes are led by seasoned, Michelin-starred chefs and international cuisine ambassadors from Cyprus and beyond.

Bachelor of Arts

Culinary Arts Management

Begin a fulfilling journey into the world of culinary arts and management with our Bachelor Degree programme, carefully crafted for those who aspire to harmoniously blend culinary artistry with the necessary business proficiency to thrive in the bustling food and hospitality sectors. This programme comprehensively covers diverse areas, encompassing practical culinary skills, understanding of international cuisine, essential management doctrines, marketing strategies, and event coordination.


Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts Diploma Programme at Intercollege offers a holistic approach to culinary education. Balancing hands-on experiences, theoretical knowledge, and exposure to international culinary techniques, our programme prepares students for a successful career in the dynamic field of gastronomy and hospitality. Our graduates are distinguished by their skill, versatility, and confidence—attributes highly valued in today’s competitive culinary landscape.


Enrichment Programmes

Intercollege’s Enrichment Culinary Programmes offer a multi-faceted culinary education, with a focus on various dimensions of gastronomy. Ranging from the intricate art of festive food preparation to the principles of fasting and healthy meal creation, worldwide cooking techniques, and modern mixology. These meticulously designed courses aim to expand and refine your culinary skill set.


Professional Programmes

Intercollege presents a comprehensive suite of professional culinary programmes, encompassing specialized courses in areas such as butchery and chocolatiering. From honing precision in butchery to mastering the finesse of chocolate craftsmanship, Intercollege’s programmes serve dedicated culinary professionals aspiring to further sharpen their gastronomic expertise.