Explore the future of innovation with Intercollege’s Technical Programmes. These courses are meticulously designed to provide a blend of rigorous theoretical understanding and hands-on practical skills in various disciplines. Whether it’s the intricate design of Mechanical Installations or the complex field of Nautical Sciences, our programmes are at the forefront of technical education. With cutting-edge technology, industry-experienced faculty, and a commitment to practical, real-world learning, Intercollege prepares you to become a proficient and adept professional ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s technical industries.

Why Choose Intercollege

When Pursuing Your Technical Education

A balanced blend of theory and practical training, preparing students to handle installation, operation, and management of mechanical systems across varied applications.

Equips students with broad-based industry skills across multiple engineering specialties and allows learners to balance work and education seamlessly.

Enhances safety, efficiency, and reliability skills with alternative refrigerant gases.

Mandatory certification for EU individuals and companies, increasing professional credibility.


Automotive Engineering

Keep pace with the fast-evolving automotive sector through our 2-Year Diploma programme in Automotive Engineering. This curriculum is tailored to impart fundamental knowledge and practical experience across a broad spectrum of traditional and contemporary automotive systems.


Mechanical Installations Technician

The 2-Year Mechanical Installations Technician Diploma programme at Intercollege readies students for a multitude of career paths, encompassing sectors like refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and renewable energy sources.


Nautical Science

With more than 200 ship-owning, ship-managing, and maritime-related companies, Cyprus stands as a key European and global nexus for ship-management. The country’s vibrant maritime industry provides remarkable growth potential and unique business prospects in the shipping sector. As the maritime landscape continues to expand, there is an increased demand for professionals possessing robust academic and technical proficiencies, primed to succeed in the challenging roles within the maritime industry.


Professional Programmes

Intercollege Technical Professional programs are carefully designed to cater to the needs of professionals in various interconnected fields. They concentrate on refrigerant management and the safety of alternative gases, aligning with strict European Union regulations. Each course provides extensive training that combines theory and practical skills. The goal is to enhance professional competence and ensure compliance with environmental and safety standards. Whether you work as a cooling technician, an air conditioning specialist, or have an interest in heat pumps, these programs allow you to broaden your knowledge, improve your skills, and advance your professional career.