Culinary Arts

Embark on a rewarding journey in the field of Culinary Arts with Intercollege’s Culinary Arts Diploma Programme. This comprehensive programme offers a unique blend of hands-on learning experiences, theoretical knowledge, and exposure to diverse culinary techniques and traditions from around the globe. Graduates will emerge as skilled, versatile, and confident culinary professionals, ready to make their mark in the exciting and dynamic world of food and hospitality.


Why Choose Intercollege

FOR YOUR Culinary Arts Diploma

Award-winning School with gold medals & top-prizes in international competitions

Innovative learning-methods that combine academic & theoretical education with continuous practical training

Use of modern academic facilities including the only dedicated gastronomic amphitheater on the island


• Practical Application of theoretical learning at new professional Laboratories with state-of-the art equipment

• Secured paid Internships at prestigious organizations both in Cyprus and abroad, including Erasmus

• Students receive comprehensive training in Cooking, Pastry, Bakery and Service of food and beverages

• Possibility to continue studies in the Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts Management

Excellent & immediate job opportunities through strategic partnerships with the industry

Success Stories

Lia Magki

Chef de Tournant
Mediterranean Hotel

My love for cooking prompted me to interrupt my Architecture studies in England and enroll at Intercollege, starting a wonderful journey there!

The practical experience in the kitchen was exceptional. The atmosphere in the class was very warm and cordial, as were our relationships with the instructors, even after we graduated.
The competition in Thessaloniki, Greece, where we had to present everything we had learned in previous years, was a unique experience for me!

Culinary Arts Management, Class of 2016

Programme Aims


Equip students with essential culinary skills, techniques, and knowledge, enabling them to excel in a variety of kitchen roles within the food and hospitality industries.


Foster expertise in management principles and practices specific to the culinary and hospitality sectors, including staff management, cost control, marketing, and operations, to prepare students for leadership positions.


Cultivate a deep appreciation for diverse culinary traditions and techniques from around the world, encouraging students to broaden their culinary horizons and develop innovative dishes and menus.


Promote a strong foundation in food science, nutrition, and safety, enabling students to create balanced, safe, and high-quality culinary experiences in both professional and personal settings.


Enhance students’ abilities to plan, organize, and execute events, with a focus on customer satisfaction, aesthetics, and adherence to industry standards in foodservice and hospitality.


Course Curriculum

Semester Breakdown

A/A Course Code Course Name ECTS Credits
1 BENG-122 Professional English II 6
2 ICATR-101E Kitchen Technology I 6
3 ICATR-103E Food Hygiene and Safety in the Workplace 6
4 ICATR-104E Pastry and Bakery I 3
5 ICATR-105E Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Industry 6
6 ICATR-121E Kitchen Lab I 3
A/A Course Code Course Name ECTS Credits
1 BENG-123 Professional English III 6
2 FREN-101 French Language and Culture I 6
3 ICATR-102E Kitchen Technology II 6
4 ICATR-106E Food Service Technology & Labs 3
5 ICATR-107E Butchery, Cutting, Poultry/Meat/Fish Processing 3
6 ICATR-114E Pastry and Bakery II 3
7 ICATR-122E Kitchen Lab II 3
A/A Course Code Course Name ECTS Credits
1 ICATR-193E Internship I 0
A/A Course Code Course Name ECTS Credits
1 ICATR-208E Pastry and Bakery III 3
2 ICATR-209E Cypriot Cuisine 6
3 ICATR-211E Menu Design and Kitchen Service 3
4 ICATR-213E International Cuisine 3
5 ICATR-217E Bar Operations and Oenology 6
6 ICATR-215E Organization, Management and Operation of a Restaurant 3
7 ICOMP-150E Microcomputer Applications and Use in Culinary Industry 6
A/A Course Code Course Name ECTS Credits
1 IACCT-110E Accounting I 6
2 ICATR-209E Cypriot Cuisine 6
3 ICATR-211E Menu Design and Kitchen Service 6
4 ICATR-213E International Cuisine 3
5 ICATR-217E Bar Operations and Oenology 6
6 ICATR-215E Organization, Management and Operation of a Restaurant 6
A/A Course Code Course Name ECTS Credits
1 ICATR-293E Internship II 0

* The above semester breakdown is an indicative one



Fine Practice experience

The teaching ideally combines theoretical training and practical demonstration, in well-equipped laboratories, with modern equipment.

What You Will Learn


Essential Culinary Skills and Techniques

Basic and advanced culinary techniques, Cutting and processing of meat and fish, Hot and cold kitchen organization and preparation, International and Cypriot cuisine, Food design and applications, Buffet operation and specialized kitchens


Management and Business Principles

Introduction to the hospitality and tourism industry, Introduction to management, Basic principles of accounting, Principles of organization, Cost management and control, Food and beverage costing, Design of food units


Beverage Knowledge and Service

Oenology, bar, and drinks, Restaurant art and table service, Food science and nutrition, Food and beverage pairing


Event Planning and Execution

Decorative art in confectionery and bakery, Organization and management of events, Food presentation and plating techniques, Customer service and satisfaction in the food and hospitality industry


Our programme emphasizes hands-on experience through internships in all areas of employment, allowing students to engage in the exciting world of gastronomy from the very first year of study.


Expand your horizons with further education, work, and internships abroad through the ERASMUS+ programmes.


and Career Prospects

Graduates can be employed:

  • Chef’s Assistant
  • Assistant pasty chef
  • Waiter

Study and Work

at Intercollege

Combine study with work experience through our strategic partnerships:

  • Access favorable employment conditions.
  • Work with renowned organizations, enriching your CV.
  • Enjoy part-time employment during your studies and full-time employment in the summer.
  • Find employment opportunities both in Cyprus and abroad.

Programme Profile

The aim of the programme is to provide a professional Diploma for students aspiring to work in the ambitious field of the Hospitality and Food Industry. Students are prepared for leadership positions by strengthening knowledge in principles and practices of administration, specifically in the areas of cooking and hospitality, including personnel management, cost control, marketing, and business activities. The programme cultivates local and international culinary traditions and techniques, encouraging students to explore their gastronomic horizons and develop innovative dishes and menus.

The promotion of a strong foundation in food science, nutrition, and safety, enables students to create balanced, safe, and high-quality gastronomic experiences in both, professional and personal environments. During the programme, students will enhance their skills to plan, organize, and execute events, emphasizing on customer satisfaction, aesthetics, and compliance with industry standards in service and hospitality.

Requirements & Regulations

The minimum admission requirement to an undergraduate programme of study is a recognized High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) or equivalent internationally recognized qualification(s). Students with a lower HSLC grade than 7.5/10 or 15/20 or equivalent depending on the grading system of the country issuing the HSLC, can be approved under certain conditions.

Course assessment usually comprises of a comprehensive final exam continuous assessment. Continuous assessment can include amongst others, mid-terms, projects (and class participation)


Letter grades are calculated based on the weight of the final exam and the continuous assessment and the actual numerical marks obtained in these two assessment components. Based on the course grades the student’s semester grade point average (GPA) and cumulative point average (CPA) are calculated.

The student must complete 120 ECTS and all programme requirements.

Graduates of the programme can be accepted into First Cycle degrees (Bachelor’s Degree)

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Duration: 2 Years / 120 ECTS

Qualification Awarded: Diploma in Culinary Arts

Level of Qualification: Diploma

Mode of Study: Full Time

Language of Instruction: English

Venue: Intercollege