Erasmus & Intercollege

Intercollege is committed to expanding its global reach and fostering a diverse academic environment through its active participation in the Erasmus+ Programme. As an integral part of our internationalization strategy, Erasmus+ facilitates high-quality learning and professional mobility experiences for our students, faculty, and staff.

Key Developments

Our involvement with the Erasmus+ Programme has been crucial in strengthening our international outlook and industry connections. Key developments include the renewal of the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and the addition of the Erasmus+ Accreditation for VET. These initiatives enable us to broaden our academic and vocational programme offerings and to further solidify our European and international ties.

International Partnerships & Diversity

We place a strong focus on international partnerships and diversity, promoting cultural awareness, responsibility, and global citizenship. Through strategic collaborations, joint ventures, and mobility programmes, we encourage the exchange of ideas and foster an atmosphere of cross-cultural understanding and respect within the Intercollege community.

Accessing the Erasmus+ Program

Intercollege makes the Erasmus+ Programme accessible for both incoming students from partner institutions and our own students, faculty, and staff. We ensure a streamlined application process and comprehensive support throughout the mobility experience.

Through Erasmus+, Intercollege continues to enhance the overall academic journey and enrich the lives of all those involved.


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