Information for Students Outside Intercollege

Thank you for your interest in studying at Intercollege. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our students.

To participate in the Erasmus Exchange Programme at Intercollege, first, inform the Erasmus or International Office of your Home Institution to express your interest and determine your eligibility for applying for an Erasmus Study Mobility. Intercollege can only accept students under the areas of study specified in the bilateral agreement signed with your home institution. We cannot accept students without a signed bilateral agreement.

Once your Home Institution approves your application and officially nominates you for a Study Mobility at Intercollege, we can then begin the application procedure.

Important: International students studying at European Universities need to secure an entry visa (student status).


To apply for your Erasmus+ mobility,
please submit the following documents:

  • 1

    The Student Application Form for Erasmus+ students, fully completed, stamped, and signed by both the applicant student and the Erasmus+ Coordinator.

  • 2
    The Official Transcript from your University.
  • 3
    The Learning Agreement, fully completed (Students can register for a maximum of 15 credits / 30 ECTS. When making your selection, please ensure you satisfy the course prerequisites. For the list of courses offered, click here. For the academic calendar, click here).
  • 4
    Two passport-sized photographs.
  • 5
    Copies of the first pages of your passport (or identity card for EU citizens). Ensure that your personal details and passport number are clear and readable on the copy you send.


Please send the above documents to the following address

Intercollege Nicosia, 8 Markou Drakou, Engomi 2409,
Nicosia – CYPRUS

Mrs Fani Papamichael

Tel. Nr.: +357-22842571

Email: [email protected]