Once You’re Here

All International students must comply with certain Intercollege and Immigration Authority regulations once they arrive in Cyprus in order to register for classes and also apply for their Student Visa.

When to Visit the Intercollege

Upon your arrival to Cyprus it is important to visit the Office of Admissions during our office hours: Monday-Friday, from 8:30am-6:00pm, to register and to be given more information about further Migration procedures, University orientation, scheduled trips, etc

Feeling at Home

For most of you this is the first time away from your homes and families. Along with the feeling of excitement which comes with every adventure and new beginning you also feel the increased responsibility you have taken on. Along with these concerns there is also the feeling of homesickness that students need to tackle. Feeling homesick is common and perfectly normal for all students that choose to pursue their studies away from home. All of us here at the University of Nicosia, both faculty and staff, understand all the difficulties and concerns students are faced with trying to adapt to a new culture and way of life. We have thus taken steps into ensuring that your transition into your new way of life takes place as smoothly as possible.

Personal and Living Expenses

The estimated expenses for the academic year are as follows:

Accommodation (shared) €3,000-€5,000
Accommodation (single) €5,000-€7,000
Food and Personal Expenses €3,350-€5,000
Books and Stationery €400-€500
Please note that during your first week at the University you will have to register with the Cyprus Migration Office in order to receive your student visa. It is part of the Migration regulations to repeat the blood test and chest x-ray once you arrive in Cyprus. The cost for the blood test is approximately €35 and for the chest x-ray is approximately €15. The visa extension fee is €35.
The Migration Office requires that you bring with you the minimum amount of €2,000 ($ 2,400). It is important to bring with you satisfactory amount of money to cover all of your expenses.