enrichment Programme

Quick Fasting & Healthy Meals

Elevate Your Career in Beauty and Wellness

Discover the synergy between nutrition and health in this course. Learn the art of preparing balanced, flavorful meals while embracing dietary restrictions. Led by experienced chefs and nutritionists, this program offers an exciting exploration into nutritious culinary arts.


Why Choose Intercollege

FOR YOUR chocolate professional masterclass

Awarded Southern Europe’s Best Culinary Arts School 2017 and 2019

Perfect blend of theoretical education and practical demonstrations in well-equipped laboratories and a modern gastronomic amphitheater.

Awarded School with Gold Medals in international competitions


  • Training in the fields of cooking, pastry, bakery, and food and beverage service.
  • Professional seminars covering a variety of topics of interest to professionals in the Hotel and Food Industry.
  • The program presentations will be conducted by professionals in the gastronomy field, Chefs from Cyprus and abroad who have impressive resumes, Michelin Stars, or are ambassadors of their national cuisines.

Programme Outline


3 lessons, 9 hours total
Every Friday, 8:00-21:00

Language of Instruction


Participation fee

200 Euros

State-of-the-art Laboratories

Culinary Amphitheater

Fine Practice experience

The training takes place through the perfect combination of theoretical education and practical demonstration, in well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment, including the largest culinary amphitheater on the island, specializing in education.