Mr George Philippides

Programme Coordinator / Senior Instructor

Mr George Philippides holds a Higher Engineering Diploma awarded by the Higher Technological Institute. He obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology & Economics in 2001. Upon completing his studies, he began working as a mechanical engineer in various companies in Cyprus and abroad, with major construction projects as the main range of work, gaining extensive experience in terms of design, planning, supervision, and installation of various mechanical systems / facilities. At Intercollege, since 2014, Mr Philippides acts as Coordinator of the “Mechanical Installations Technician” programme and lectures in several courses. Furthermore, he is the industry liaison with regards to the placement of students at respective Mechanical Installations companies, to complete their Summer Internship. He is a member of various professional organizations such as a) The Association of Mechanical Engineers of Cyprus, b) The Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETSC), c) The Register of Qualified Energy Efficiency Experts for Residential Buildings, d) The Electrical and Mechanical Advisors liaison of Cyprus, and e) The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Organization.