Mr Panayiotis Theodosiou


Upon graduation from the Pancyprian Gymnasium, Mr Panayiotis Theodosiou was then accepted, after successfully passing his Hotel and Catering Institute (IXET) entry exams where he studied Cuisine-Pastry. (IXET became the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus (HHIC) and then merged with the Cyprus University of Technology in 2022.)

Mr Theodosiou has over 30 years experience in the Hotel Industry, starting from an ordinary cook and reaching the rank of Executive Chef in four- and five-star hotels in Cyprus, Europe and Asia, culminating in working as a chef in the Taj Mahal. His initial involvement in teaching Culinary Arts was in 1986. He occasionally collaborated with both HHIC and the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) in providing regular trainings and business seminars. At the same time, he taught, through the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, in Educational Programmes on Cooking-Confectionery. He has, for many years, presented cooking shows on television and radio. His passion for sharing his knowledge and skills, encouraged him to teach Culinary Arts in higher education. He, therefore, upgraded his qualifications and obtained the Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts, as well as the Master Degree in Culinary Arts in Higher Education. Mr Theodosiou has been with Intercollege since 2010 as a Cooking, Pastry, Bakery and Butchery lecturer and head instructor.