Ms Sofia-Elissavet Theodoridou

Special Teaching Faculty

Ms Sofia-Elissavet Theodoridou holds a postgraduate degree in Aesthetics (2018) with a focus in the fields of Organization, Management and Treatment Practices at Spa and Wellness Units from TEI Thessalonikis (2018). Her 2013 degree, also awarded by TEI Thessalonikis, focused on the primary fields of Aesthetics & Cosmetology. Moreover, she has specialized in make-up at the Making Beauty Academy in Milan (2014) and has participated in cosmetology training seminars regarding the production of cosmetic products and soaps offered by the life-long learning structure of the Pharmaceutical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has specialization in all facial treatments, in make-up, the use of prosthetic-materials and in non-permanent and permanent methods of hair-removal.

Ms Sofia Theodoridou has worked at Aesthetics centres in Bologna, Italy and in Thessaloniki and also held posts as a beauty consultant in the pharmaceutical field. In September 2019 she began teaching in the Aesthetics programme at Intercollege.