Mr Kallinikos Tsolias

Mr Kallinikos Tsolias earned the ‘Higher Diploma in Telecommunications and Information Technology’, at Intercollege Nicosia, with a scholarship from Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA). He then completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering in 2008, at the University of Nicosia. In 2009, he was awarded the Master’s Degree in Electrical Power Systems Engineering at Manchester University.

He holds a professional license for as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK). In addition, he is licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment in Refrigeration and Heating, Category I.

Mr Tsolias has been teaching at Intercollege since 2013, in the areas of Computer Technology and Electrical Technician. The subjects he teaches are Digital Systems, Network Cabling, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Electrical Electronic and Digital Circuits Lab, Electronic Circuits and Communications. Furthermore, he currently teaches Basic Principles of Electricity and Special Topics in Physics for the Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Installation Technician, and Aesthetics programmes.