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Consultancy and Training Services

The Consultancy and Training Services (CTS) is an affiliated unit of the University of Nicosia, providing a broad spectrum of consultancy, training & development services to the Cypriot and International Business Community, as well as to other organizations (governmental and non-governmental), on a commercial basis. It consists of the Consultancy Unit and the Training & Development Unit.
Clients are assured professional services, with up-to-date and proven methodologies, custom-made solutions, useful and relevant knowledge and full support.
The CTS unit is able to draw upon the expertise and knowledge of the University and Intercollege and to utilize its infrastructure to deliver a first class service to its clients.


To be a highly respected international CTS unit by blazing a trail towards organizational excellence & sustainable development for our clients, the society and ourselves.


Help our clients identify the right mix of organizational excellence strategies needed to unlock their sustainable development potential.
Provide coaching, training and development services of highest quality
Contribute to the economic strength of our society and exercise exemplary corporate citizenship.
Earn the trust and respect of all our stakeholders as being a Unit of honesty, integrity and responsibility.


Deliver Excellence
Deliver Customer Satisfaction
Act with Integrity
Promote Ethical Behaviour
Respect for Regulations and Laws
Promote Social Responsibility and Sustainable Use of Resources


The Consultancy Unit maintains a core team of Consultants and Administrators and draws expertise from the broad pool of the University’s faculty, as well as from a number of external associates and collaborators, on a permanent or circumstantial basis. All Associates are highly qualified and experienced, and are accredited by local and international bodies. Due to the nature of its activities, and in order to deliver more holistic solutions, close links are also maintained with the Training and Development Unit.
The range of services provides by the Consultancy Unit include 4 major areas, namely: business excellence services, corporate social responsibility services, energy & environmental management, and strategic project management.


The Training and Development Unit provides coaching and training services in leadership, change management, communication skills, service excellence, personal development and information technology to businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals since 1989.
Throughout the years, leading companies and organizations have entrusted the training and development of their employees to the Unit and many individuals have benefited from the opportunities extended. Annually, more than 1000 professionals take part in the seminars, courses and workshops that are offered on all aspects of the Cyprus economy.
Through life-long learning partnerships and the achievement of service and education excellence, the Unit aims to be the trusted provider of advanced and applicable training programs. The Unit also offers a wide range of international accredited and recognized professional courses, through full time and part time training. As a result the Unit has expanded into becoming:

CISCO Academy
ECDL testing Center
Course provider and examination Center for
City & Guilds (London)
Astra Nails

The Training & Development Unit offers advanced seminars from various concentration fields, ranging from technical courses, such as CISCO’s Certifications (CCNA & CCNP), MILE2 (CSWAE): Certified Secure Coding Web Application Engineer, Use and Management of F Gas, to managerial and financial courses such as Energy Management, International Financial Reporting Standards, Deferred Tax, Capital Statement, Audit Procedure and many more.
The Unit offers high quality qualification and professional development services to all participants which are ensured through continuous evaluation of the training services in order to improve the courses and the services provided.


Both Training & Development Unit and Consultancy Unit are inextricably linked, which ensures a bottom line approach directly supporting business objectives. Often, upon completion of a ‘skill-build’ seminar, consultancy services are offered based on the concepts, skills and techniques presented. Conversely, seminars are organized and focused on particular aspects arising from the consultation.
The use of highly qualified instructors and facilitators together with state-of-the-art audio and visual aids in all seminars and workshops ensures excellent results. In key areas of vital importance for the sustainability and improvement of businesses, the lectures are delivered by internationally renowned trainers. Finally, we listen to our customers and we design, develop, and deliver seminars, courses, and workshops to meet their individual needs.
Our target comprises a wide range of business, non-profit organizations and professional individuals-stimulating a wealth of training seminars and courses. The activities can be divided in several major categories such as:

Professional Education
Business-to-business training through corporate customized training.
Coordination and Management of EU projects/Training i.e.Leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtvig, Equal etc.
Coordination and Management of local and international Conferences
Local Tenders – Programs financed under the European Social Fund
Supporting training for employees abroad
Supporting the in-house training for staff and Faculty


Our Associates have many years of experience in management consultancy and training & development.
Management Consultancy Services and Training programmes can be completely tailored to meet any unique organizational or personal demand.
Consultancy and Training & Development services co-exist, allowing coordination between the programmes and services to suit the client’s needs, whenever and wherever it serves the client best.
The available infrastructure allows the use of cutting-edge technology in seminars, workshops and courses.
We rely on our excellent reputation and total client satisfaction as the Centre’s primary marketing tool.
Corporate Training & Development Services
Business Excellence
Corporate Social Responsibility
Quality Management and Quality Standards (ISO 9001)
Environmental Management (ISO 14001)
Energy Management (ISO 50001)
Strategic Project Management (Prince2, PMP, CAPM, etc.)
Strategic Human Resources Management
Plus Accredited and Specialized programs

For further information please contact:
Nicosia: +357-22-842500 or
Limassol: +357-25-381180 or