Dr Marios Stylianou

Programme Coordinator / Assistant Professor

Dr Marios Stylianou is an Assistant Professor at Intercollege and holds the position of Aesthetics Programme Coordinator since September 2019. He completed his doctoral thesis in 2007, at the University of Cyprus, under the Department of Chemistry, in the field of Synthetic Non-organic and Bioinorganic Chemistry. He has collaborated with the University of Cyprus as a post-doctoral associate in Chemistry research programmes and as a visiting lecturer in Chemistry. As of 2009, he also teaches at the University of Nicosia, referenced in the School of Sciences and Engineering and in the study programmes of Human Biology, Nursing and Pharmacy.

His research interests focus on the synthesis, structural characteristics and study of molecular models referred to in the interaction of metalo-enzymes/proteins that contain phenolic products as organic sub-layers involved in electron transfer mechanisms.

He has numerous article publications in authoritative international scientific journals, has authored chapters concerning his research interests in scientific Chemistry books, has participated as a presenting speaker in international Chemistry conferences and has served as a supervising professor for students’ theses preparations in the fields of Biology and Synthetic Chemistry.

Dr Stylianou is an active member of the Greek Cosmetology Society.