Examples of VET programmes converted in Units of Learning Outcomes using the ECVET methodology

Examples of VET Programmes Converted in ECVET Units The study and/or training programmes below have been converted in units of learning outcomes utilizing the ECVET methodology. Please press on each unit to access the full content. Selected units are available in English and Greek.

Programme Study/Training EQF level Duration/ Hours VET Provider Sample UnitRe-written utilizing the ECVET methodology Instructor
Diploma in Automotive Engineering EQF 5 2 years – full time IntercollegeCyprus Internal Combustion Engines (EN) Dr. Andreas Loizou loizou.a@intercollege.ac.cy
Συστήματα Διεύθυνση και Ανάρτηση (EL)
Automotive Technician EQF 4 (36hrs)Upgrade Programme (Duration depends of the module between 10-100 hrs) (100hrs) Cyprus Productivity Center (ΚΕΠΑ) Hybrid Cars. Service, Maintenance, Inspection and Diagnostic Methods to Repair Hybrid Cars (EN) Philippos Philippou pphilipou@kepa.mlsi.gov.cy
Κατάρτιση Τεχνιτών Οχημάτων για Εγκατάσταση Συσκευών Υγραερίου σε Μηχανοκίνητα Οχήματα LPG (EL)
Mechatronics Technician EQF 5 2 years – full time plus 6 months practical training IIEK DELTAGreece Organization, Operation and Workshop Safety – Environment (EN) Dr Konstantinos Kiousis kkiousis@delta-iek.gr
Μηχανολογικό Σχέδιο (EL)
Advanced Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance EQF 4 2 years – full time MCASTMalta Contribute to Housekeeping in a Motor Vehicle Environment (EN) Jeremy Scerri Jeremy.scerri@mcast.edu.mt
Diploma in Mechanical Installations and Technology EQF 5 2 years – full time IntercollegeCyprus Plumbing Systems (Interior) (EN) George Philippides philippides.g@intercollege.ac.cy
Θερμικά Συστήματα (EL)
Plumbing and Heating Technician EQF 4 6 months acceleration programme Cyprus Productivity Center (ΚΕΠΑ) Sewage, Drainage and Vent Installations (EN) Demetris Kitsios dkitsios@kepa,mlsi.gov.cy
Εγκαταστάσεις Συστημάτων Αποχετεύσεων και Όμβριων Υδάτων (EL)
Domestic Electrical Installations Technician EQF 5 2 years – full time plus 6 months practical training IIEK DELTAGreece Electrotechnology and Applications (EN) George Miglis gmiglis@delta-iek.gr
Μηχανουργικές Εφαρμογές (EL)
Advanced Diploma in Electrical Systems EQF 4 2 years – full time MCASTMalta Electrical Technology 1 (EN) Marjohn Demanuele Marjohn.demanuele@mcast.edu.mt

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