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Zozef Azzam the Connoisseur of Traditional Middle Eastern sweets in Greece at the Intercollege

Zozef Azzam the distinguished confectioner who rightly has the title of “Traditional Middle Eastern sweets” conducted a two-day seminar to the students of Culinary Arts programs in the state-of-the-art laboratories of Intercollege. Through a hands-on seminar, the students learned Zozef Azzam’s unique technique and the secrets to perfect Traditional Middle Eastern sweets. In this seminar he created together with the students, sweets from his homeland and beyond and showed them the way for the perfect baking and syruping. The seminar was held in collaboration with the company ANGEO, to whom Intercollege is very grateful. The ANGEO company, since 1980, has been dealing with the distribution of Raw Materials for Bakery, Confectionery and Ice Cream. It represents exclusively in the Cypriot market, leading companies in the field from all over Europe, while it often organizes seminars with well-known chefs from abroad.

Chef Zozef Azzam is a founding member of the Master Confectioners Club of Greece and knows the Pastry Art very well. However, his great love is hidden in Oriental confectionery, in which he is also specialized, due to his origin from Lebanon.

He started at the age of 16 and immediately after graduating from the school of Tourism Professions he went from theory to practice, making handmade Beirut leaf and became an expert at it! Since then and for 35 years, he has been working as a confectioner, having created his own business in Athens “Zozef Patisserie”, while at the same time he participates in demonstrations and travels all over Greece delivering seminars for professionals!