The Graduation Ceremony of the unique Butcher Training Programme in Cyprus, an innovative initiative by ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets, the Culinary Arts Programmes of Intercollege, and the Training and Development Unit of the University of Nicosia, took place with great success.

The ceremony was addressed by Ms. Natasa Constantinidou, Director of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at ALPHAMEGA, and Mr. Nicolas Kythreotis, Executive Director of Intercollege and the Training and Development Unit of the University of Nicosia.

Greetings were also delivered by Mr. Petros Xenofontos, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment, Mr. Costas Livadiotis, President of the Butchers’ Association, and Dr. Elias Markatzis, Director of Technical and Vocational Education at the Ministry of Education. Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, the Cyprus Chefs Association, and other officials, as well as friends and family of the graduates, attended the ceremony.

Ms. Natasa Constantinidou expressed her satisfaction that ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets contribute to the enhancement of society, the market, and the economy through this initiative, as the programme is now officially integrated into the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of ALPHAMEGA.

Mr. Nicolas Kythreotis thanked ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets for their generosity, valuable cooperation, and the tangible results achieved through their joint effort, which has a positive impact on all involved and society as a whole. He also highlighted the high level of education provided and the opportunities created, not only for preserving the butcher profession but also for upgrading the services and knowledge within the field.

The ceremony continued with the awarding of the Best Academic Performance prizes, and it concluded with the presentation of certificates to the participants by Mr. Neophytos Neophytou, Master Butcher at ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets, and Chef Panikos Theodosiou, Culinary Arts Trainer at Intercollege, who led the team of programme instructors.

About the Butcher Training Programme

This intensive and comprehensive programme, supported by the Pan-Cyprian Butchers’ Association, is organized by ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets in collaboration with the Culinary Arts Programmes of Intercollege and the Training and Development Unit of the University of Nicosia. It offers full professional training with theoretical and practical courses, as well as hands-on practice in butcher shops. The classes are taught and evaluated by experienced instructors and professionals from the culinary industry in the state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories of Intercollege and ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets. The programme is fully funded by ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets and provides direct access to a sought-after profession with high earnings. Additionally, it enriches the market with skilled professionals who offer excellent services and contributes to preserving the butcher profession.

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