News,October 14th, 2023,

The Madame Figaro awards were once again this year sponsored by the study programs of Intercollege

A brilliant and moving evening.

The Madame Figaro Awards is an institution that has not only been highlighting, honouring and rewarding the women of Cyprus, for the past 18 years but also the offer, dedication, innovation, ingenuity, talent or anything constitutes the multifaceted personality of a woman, who for all of us operates as a model and reflects the ideals of the Cypriot society.

The presenter of the evening was the one and only Maria Bakodimou. The Guest star Peggy Zina mesmerized the audience by performing her greatest hits. The opening reminded to all attendees that every woman is unique, through Thodoris Marantinis performance of well-known songs by female artists, whose content was exclusively centred on women.

Madame Figaro readers were the sole and absolute judges throughout the process. Specifically, 35,148 readers voted and nominated the Women of the Year 2023.

The nominees were 48 in 9 categories: Scientist/Academic, Answear Fashion & Jewellery Designer, Musician, Actor, Creator, Ecommbx Professional/Entrepreneur, OPAP Social Contribution, Bank of Cyprus Innovation and Dove Athlete.

Moreover, Madame Figaro presented three honorary awards: the Editor’s Choice Award, every year allotted by the editorial team of Madame Figaro, the Lifetime Achievement Award in Memory of Andi Hatzikostis, which is dedicated to the initiator of this institution, and the Overall Contribution Award.

This year, as every year, the evening had a charitable character, since all the raisings collected by the sale of tickets, amounted to €11,465, were given to Ms. Emily Groutidou Petridou, who was awarded in the OPAP Social Contribution category and will allocate the amount of money to the charity organization of her choice.

The Scientist/Academic award was presented by Mr. Nikolas Kythreotis, Executive Director of Intercollege and Ms. Marina Spyridaki, Communications Director of Aegean. The prize was awarded to Dr. Vasileia Tamamounas, member of the Center for the Study of Hematological and Other Malignancies of the Karaiskakeio Foundation, whose research work focuses on the study of childhood cancers.

The attendees enjoyed food curated and served by students and faculty of Intercollege’s Culinary Arts programs. The tasty morsels on offer included a crispy biscuit topped with cheese mousse and bacon jam, a tartare filled with shrimp and crabmeat, and for dessert a white chocolate mousse served on fluffy pâte sucrée. The dishes were hand-made, prepared in the state-of-the-art laboratories of the Culinary Arts programs of Intercollege.

In addition, the event was supported by the Aesthetics Study Program of Intercollege, with the students beautifying the venue with their presence and their impressive make-up, supporting the women of the year awarding. The dazzling make-up of the students was created by them, with the valuable guidance of the instructors of the program.

The girls’ hair was supervised by professional hairdressers and the owner of Diverso Hair Studio, Marios Savvidis. The image was completed with a total black look by the brand and with dazzling fuchsia dresses by Mindy Boutiques.

A glamorous after party at the Gardens Day & Night, followed the end of the evening. All attendees had the chance to take a picture with Intercollege’s banner and the female students of the Aesthetics program.

Video: The Madame Figaro Awards were sponsored by the study programs of Intercollege

Video: The Scientist/Academic award was presented by Mr. Nikolas Kythreotis, Executive Director of Intercollege and Ms. Marina Spyridaki, Communications Director of Aegean.