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Intercollege Graduation Ceremony 2024

The 2024 Intercollege Graduation Ceremony was held in the open Amphitheatre of the University of Nicosia in the presence of the leadership of the academic community of the College and the University of Nicosia.

Addressing the new graduates at the ceremony, Dr. Aimilios A. Solomou, President of Intercollege, mentioned, among other things, that: “Success does not come without effort and persistent hard work. At the same time, you must strive to cultivate and leave your mark in your work environment and in society at large: professionalism, diligence, moral values, and solidarity towards your fellow human beings. We do not underestimate the value and significance of developments in many areas of our lives. You have been educated in modern facilities and have acquired the knowledge and skills that will aid you in your professional journey.”

On behalf of the graduates, Eleni Psylloura, a graduate of the “Aesthetics” Bachelor’s program at Intercollege, addressed the ceremony: “Success knows no boundaries. We must always remember this. We set our own limits. Never stop striving to make a difference. One thing we learned during our student years is that difficulties and setbacks should not hold us back. On the contrary, they should serve as motivation to achieve our dreams. No success would be meaningful without effort and desire.”

Also addressing the ceremony on behalf of the graduates was Constantinos Xenofontos, a graduate of the “Automotive Engineering” Diploma program at Intercollege: “Our anxieties, study hours, assignments, deadlines, hard work, and all the efforts of these years have now paid off. However, let us not forget the struggles and anxieties of our parents who stood by us and fully supported our efforts. A big thank you is also due to our professors, who have been supporters and invaluable guides on our wonderful journey of knowledge all these years.”

Mr. Nikolas Kythreotis, Executive Director of Intercollege, spoke about the importance of continuous practical training and the high-level academic programs offered by Intercollege: “The high-level academic programs and continuous practical training at all levels offered by Intercollege ensure that our graduates are well-prepared to thrive in a constantly evolving job market. The skills and knowledge acquired by our graduates will remain invaluable and a true passport to their careers, ensuring their success both in Cyprus and abroad.”

A brief greeting followed from the President of the Federation of Professional Aesthetic Diploma Holders of Greece (O.S.E.D.A.E.), Ms. Evi Danilouli: “Please accept the warmest congratulations on behalf of the Board of Directors of O.S.E.D.A.E. for your scientific endeavor, which offers high-quality academic programs to your students through excellent cognitive adequacy, ultimately aiming at connectivity with the job market in multiple sectors and assured professional placement.”

During the graduation ceremony, Intercollege honored Ms. Vakia Ioannidou, President of the Cyprus Aestheticians Association, for her many years of multifaceted contribution to the field of Aesthetics and her substantial efforts towards its continuous development. On behalf of Ms. Ioannidou, the award was received by Ms. Eleftheria Kouroukla, Vice President of the Association.

The keynote speaker of the ceremony was Mr. Philokypros Roussounides, General Director of the Cyprus Hotel Association: “The tourism sector is one of the main pillars of growth for the Cypriot economy, significantly contributing to the country’s GDP and providing employment opportunities. As PASYXE, we look forward to the absorption of a significant number of the institution’s graduates to staff the hotel industry. From today, the human resources of Cyprus are enriched with new, skilled, and specialized professionals. The tools you have acquired, the skills you have cultivated through your studies and activities, the experiences, and the knowledge you have gained during your time at Intercollege, I am sure will help you achieve your goals.”

This was followed by the presentation of awards for Best Academic Achievement, while the Ceremony concluded with the awarding and validation of degrees and diplomas.

Presenters of this year’s Graduation Ceremony were Angelos Iacovides and Fani Papamichael.