Clarifying Instructions for the Final Exams Conduction

Please follow the appropriate instructions below, regarding the conduction of the final examinations that will be carried out face to face. All involved (professors, supervisors, and candidates) will have to take their temperature (≤ 37.5 ° C) upon entering the College’s premises (main entrance). Those involved should be able to provide the following, if requested by the authorized Officers in case of audit:

  • A vaccination certificate with at least one dose provided that 3 weeks have elapsed since the first dose. Those involved can present the Vaccination Card issued at the Vaccination Centres.
  • Evidence that the person has been ill with COVID-19 within the last 6 months. Those involved can present the written release message or the recovery text message sent to them by the Ministry of Health on their mobile phone.
  • If one of the above does not apply, those involved must provide a certificate of a negative PCR or rapid test, valid for 72 hours.

All involved can take a COVID 19 rapid antigen test at the sampling point located on the premises of the University of Nicosia (outside the UNESCO amphitheatre).

Instructions to Candidates Before the Exams.

  1. Upon entering the College, the candidates will take their temperature (≤ 37,5 °C).
    I. The main entrance will be exclusively used for the RTB building, and the temperature will be measured by the installed digital thermometer.
    II. For the Culinary Arts venues, the temperature measurement will be conducted at the entrance of the venue/laboratory.
  2. Arrival of the candidates at the College’s premises at least thirty (30) minutes before the beginning of the examination.
  3. Hands disinfection under the supervision of the invigilators upon entering the examination room.
  4. Use of personal items only. Borrowing items from other candidates must be avoided.
  5. Immediate notification of the Management in case a candidate shows suspicious symptoms (eg fever). The Management will evaluate the case and will inform the candidate about the measures that will be taken.

Instructions to Candidates During the Exam.

  1. All candidates remain seated when the examination period is over and approach the desk individually, under the supervision of the invigilators, to deliver their answer book.
  2. After the end of each examination, all candidates must leave the exam venue without delay, abiding by the rules of two (2) meters social distancing.