Information about the event
Date: October 27th, 2023 at 12:00h
Location: Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus
Target group: Culinary arts students, culinary arts professionals
Attendants: 46 respondents to the evaluation questionnaire; 51 respondents signing the attendance list.
Organizers: Nicholas Orphanides (project manager)

Summary of the event
On October 27th, Intercollege hosted a Multiplier Event, attended by students, professionals, and educators from the culinary arts sector. The primary focus of this event was to showcase the outcomes achieved through the D-TASTING project, with a particular emphasis on the digital wine tasting course developed by the consortium.

The event commenced with a presentation by Mr. Nicholas Orphanides, who began by providing an overview of the Erasmus+ funding that supported the project. He then delved into the project’s objectives and detailed the various activities carried out during its two years of funding.

Once the attendees had a clear understanding of the project’s goals, the presenter explained the connection between Intercollege Culinary Arts and D-TASTING, highlighting the educational benefits that the D-TASTING course can offer to culinary students and professionals. He emphasized the synergies between the culinary courses in Cyprus and the content included in the project course.

The event proceeded with a presentation of the project’s results, including a comprehensive overview of the curriculum. This segment provided specific information about the course’s educational level, structure, and the methodology it employed. Attendees found the discussion on micro-credentials particularly valuable, as it would enable them to integrate this knowledge into their daily activities.

The highlight of the Multiplier Event was the unveiling of the Moodle platform, which would be the primary resource for attendees. The presenter used the first topic as an example, presenting the theoretical content and demonstrating how to leverage the platform’s interactivity.

The Offida (Italy) experience was presented as a prime example of best practices. Moreover, more than 8 participants joined the Multiplier Event online, further extending its reach and impact. Finally, the badges were presented. The opportunity to receive a certificate after passing the course was very interesting to students, who saw it as a way to improve their CV.

The event concluded with all the participants enjoying a casual lunch, during which they continued to ask questions and seek information on the D-TASTING.

Feedback from the event
46 individuals chose to respond to the feedback questionnaire. The feedback gathered subsequent to the event was predominantly affirmative, with the majority of participants expressing contentment with the event’s organization, presentation, and information dissemination.

Among the feedback received, a noticeable point to underline is the considerable number of attendees who expressing their desire for further information regarding the project and instructions for accessing Moodle. In light of this favorable development, it is anticipated that a portion of the Multiplier Event participants will transition into D-TASTING learners.