Greek PDO Wines and Spirits: A Showcase of Heritage and Quality

With its diverse terroirs, indigenous grape varieties, and unique distillation techniques, Greece boasts over 100 PDO wines and spirits. These PDO products embody the essence of Greece’s winemaking heritage and are integral to its culture. Greek PDO wines and spirits are a testament to the country’s commitment to preserving the traditions and quality of its alcoholic beverages, offering a taste of Greece’s rich enological history.

The Significance of PDO Wines and Spirits in Greece

PDO status is awarded to products with distinct characteristics attributable to their geographic origin and traditional production methods. Greek PDO wines and spirits are emblematic of the country’s rich enological history and cultural identity. By preserving and promoting these products, Greece safeguards its winemaking and distilling heritage and supports local winemakers, distillers, and communities.

An Array

of Greek PDO Wines

Greek PDO wines are known for their diverse flavors, vivid colors, and unique characteristics. Some examples include:

Nemea Wines

Nemea, known for its Agiorgitiko red wines, offers rich red fruit flavors and velvety tannins, grown in the Nemea region of the Peloponnese.

Naoussa Wines

Naoussa, renowned for its Xinomavro red wines, features vibrant acidity, complex red fruit flavors, and earthy undertones, grown in the Naoussa region of Macedonia.

Amynteo Wines

Amynteo produces elegant Malagousia white wines with floral and citrus notes, as well as cooler climate Xinomavro reds, grown in the Amynteo region of Macedonia.


Greek PDO Spirits

Greek PDO spirits showcase the country’s rich distilling traditions and unique flavors. Some notable examples include:


Ouzo, an anise-flavored spirit with PDO status in Lesbos, Plomari, and other regions, is traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif or with meze dishes.


Tsipouro, a potent grape-based spirit made from wine grape pomace, has PDO status in Thessaly and Macedonia, showcasing time-honored distillation techniques.

Mastic of Chios Liqueur

Mastic of Chios Liqueur, a unique spirit with PDO status, is made from the resin of the mastic tree, found exclusively on the island of Chios. This liqueur is prized for its distinctive flavor, combining aromatic, sweet, and slightly bitter notes.

Greek PDO wines and spirits represent a celebration of the country’s enological traditions and a testament to its diverse terroirs and winemaking expertise. With over 100 PDO products to discover, these exceptional wines and spirits offer a unique taste experience, showcasing the flavors and aromas that define Greece’s rich winemaking heritage. Sommeliers, culinary students, and wine enthusiasts are encouraged to explore and appreciate the wide variety of Greek PDO wines and spirits available, integrating them into their wine lists and personal collections, and supporting local producers.