The 2023 Intercollege Graduation Ceremony was held in the open Amphitheatre of the University of Nicosia in the presence of the leadership of the academic community of the College and the University of Nicosia.

Addressing the graduates during the graduation ceremony, Dr. Emilios A. Solomou, President of Intercollege, stated among other things that: “The goal of everyone should be continuous training and improvement. Success does not come without hard work and persistent effort. At the same time, you should strive to cultivate and give your own stamp in your workplace and in society in general: professionalism, hard work, moral values and solidarity towards your fellow man. You have been trained in modern facilities and acquired the knowledge and skills that will help you on your career path”.

On behalf of the graduates, Nikolakis Kyriazos of Intercollege’s Bachelor’s programme “Culinary Arts Management” delivered a greeting, who said, among other things: “Today the efforts of all these years of our studies are being rewarded. We deserve it, a big thumbs up and best wishes for a successful career and happiness in life. Let us always remember that the journey of knowledge is eternal and certainly does not end today with the completion of our course of study”.

Mr. Nicolas Kythreotis, Executive Director of Intercollege, spoke about the College’s concern to offer its students the most possible experiences and stimuli that will help them become top professionals in their fields.

Mr. Kythreotis also mentioned that “From the charity bazaars and related events where the Intercollege, students and academic staff, take the lead and offer their services with a smile, to the participation in European and National Research programmes that challenge and sharpen the minds of those involved, to European mobilities and mandatory internships that broaden the horizons and increase and improve the skills of our current students and tomorrow’s professionals, Intercollege every year strives to offer its students the best possible.
The high-level degree programmes offered by Intercollege in specific professional fields, in conjunction with the severe shortage of appropriately qualified executives in those fields and in the economy in general, ensure that the choices made by our current graduates will stand the test of time and technology”.

The main speaker of the ceremony was the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Mr. Yiannis Panagiotou, who, addressing the graduates, praised their choice for the specific studies, as he mentioned, they are compatible with the needs of the labor market and the modern world. The academic qualification they acquired, he added, is the starting point for a successful career and continuous development.

However, he pointed out that the changes brought about by the digital and green transition create the need for continuous learning and upgrading our skills, so that we can as professionals respond to any changes that arise in the industries in which we operate.

In order for us, he added, to be a small country with a large economy, we must excel in the opportunity we provide our people for continuous improvement and development. In this context, the Ministry of Labor, wanting to strengthen the Cypriot backbone of the economy, has drawn up the National Action Plan entitled “Modern Professional Culture for the green and digital transition”. “If, as a State,” he said, “we manage to properly invest in the most important wealth we have, which are our people,” then we can be very optimistic about the future of our country.

In conclusion, Mr. Panagiotou referred to the vision of the founders of Intercollege in 1980, noting that it is important that both the graduates and the Republic of Cyprus evolve and jointly create an environment of security and prosperity for tomorrow’s generations.

This was followed by the presentation of awards for Best Academic Achievement, while the Ceremony concluded with the awarding and validation of degrees and diplomas.

Presenters of this year’s Graduation Ceremony were Angelos Iacovides and Fani Papamichael.