Cypriot PDO Products: A Focus on Smilas Pasta

Cyprus boasts a rich culinary tradition, characterized by the use of local ingredients and time-honored production methods. Cypriot cuisine is renowned for its unique flavors, textures, and diverse influences. Among the country’s PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) products, Smilas Pasta stands out as a distinctive and authentic Cypriot creation, reflecting the island’s cultural and culinary heritage.

Smilas Pasta: A Unique Cypriot PDO Product

Smilas Pasta, also known as spit pasta, is a traditional Cypriot pasta made using locally sourced ingredients and time-honored production techniques. The PDO designation ensures that Smilas Pasta adheres to strict quality standards and is produced using authentic methods, preserving its unique characteristics and regional identity.

Characteristics of Smilas Pasta

Smilas Pasta is made from durum wheat semolina, water, and salt, resulting in a firm, dense, and slightly chewy texture. The pasta is shaped by rolling the dough around a thin wooden rod, known as a “spit,” which gives it its characteristic spiral shape. Once formed, the pasta is dried under the Mediterranean sun, imparting a distinctive flavor and texture.

Traditional Uses and Dishes

Smilas Pasta is traditionally used in various Cypriot dishes, showcasing the island’s culinary versatility and creativity. Some popular dishes featuring Smilas Pasta include:

Trahana Soup

A hearty soup made with Smilas Pasta, local trahana (a fermented mixture of cracked wheat and yogurt), vegetables, and chicken or lamb.


A delicious dish made by sautéing Smilas Pasta in olive oil and onions before being cooked with tomatoes, meat, and spices.

Supporting Cypriot PDO Products

By choosing Cypriot PDO products like Smilas Pasta, consumers not only enjoy the authentic flavors and high quality of these products but also support local producers and contribute to the preservation of traditional production methods. The PDO label serves as a guarantee of a product’s origin and adherence to strict production standards, making it easier for consumers to make informed choices.

Smilas Pasta is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Cyprus and its commitment to quality and authenticity. By embracing and promoting Cypriot PDO products, consumers play a vital role in preserving the island’s unique culinary traditions, supporting local economies, and showcasing the diverse flavors and textures of Cypriot cuisine. Chefs, culinary students, and food enthusiasts are encouraged to explore and appreciate Smilas Pasta and other Cypriot PDO products, integrating them into innovative dishes and supporting local producers.