Below is a list of online resources dedicated to Greek and Cypriot cuisines, featuring recipe collections, blogs, food articles, and more. These websites offer valuable information, inspiration, and tips for anyone interested in learning more about the culinary traditions, ingredients, and techniques of Greek and Cypriot cooking.

This comprehensive website offers a wide array of traditional Greek recipes, cooking tips, and articles on Greek food culture, history, and regional cuisine.


Authored by Peter Minakis, this popular blog showcases Greek recipes, cooking techniques, and culinary travel experiences, with a focus on authentic flavors and ingredients.

This website, created by renowned Greek-American chef and cookbook author Diane Kochilas, features a wealth of Greek recipes, cooking videos, and information on healthy Mediterranean eating.

The Greek Gastronomy Guide is an online platform that promotes Greece’s rich culinary heritage, providing information on local food products, traditional recipes, and culinary destinations across the country.

Run by a registered dietitian and Greek nutrition expert, this website focuses on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and offers a wide range of Greek recipes, nutritional information, and cooking tips.

This blog covers a range of topics related to Cypriot food and culture, including traditional recipes, restaurant reviews, and culinary events in Cyprus.

This website offers a large collection of Greek recipes, cooking tips, and articles on Greek food traditions, ingredients, and regional dishes.

Akis Petretzikis’ official website offers an extensive collection of Greek and Mediterranean recipes, cooking videos, and culinary tips. The site covers a wide range of dishes, from traditional classics to modern interpretations, as well as useful information on ingredients, techniques, and food presentation. The website is available in both English and Greek languages.

Argiro Barbarigou’s official website features a vast collection of Greek recipes, cooking tips, and articles related to Greek food culture and traditions. The website showcases Argiro’s passion for Greek cuisine and her expertise in creating delicious, authentic dishes. The content is available in Greek, and some recipes and articles can also be found in English.

Madame Ginger’s website offers a variety of Greek and Mediterranean-inspired recipes with a focus on healthy, fresh, and seasonal ingredients. The site features delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, along with beautiful food photography and engaging writing. Madame Ginger shares her passion for cooking and her expertise in creating wholesome, nutritious dishes inspired by Greek culinary traditions. The website is available in Greek, with some recipes and articles also available in English.

These online resources offer a wealth of information and inspiration for anyone interested in Greek and Cypriot cuisines. From traditional recipes and cooking techniques to modern interpretations of classic dishes, these websites provide valuable insights and ideas for exploring the rich culinary traditions of Greece and Cyprus.