Earn a Diploma in Culinary Arts

at a Multi-Award Winning Culinary School (Gold-Medal Winner of the 2017 & 2019 World Association of Chefs Societies regional competition).

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Diploma in Culinary Arts
Programme offered in Greek and English

Duration of Study: Mode of Study: ECTS: Language of Study: Qualification Awarded:
2 years Full Time 120 English or Greek Diploma

The Culinary Arts Diploma at Intercollege is based on modern European vocational training & educational standards.
Students receive high-quality academic, theoretical and practical training in the fields of cooking, pastry & bakery as well as service.
The program is staffed by qualified academic & professional teaching staff who are active in the academic sphere but also the industry and having a wide range of achievements and awards.

The School regularly participates in industry-related exhibitions, competitions and events, both in Cyprus and abroad.
It also organizes and offers fast-track programs, short-courses and seminars aimed at the further development of students as well as current professional chefs, pastry chefs, bakers and related staff.


The purpose of the program is to provide prospective students with the necessary knowledge, in the Greek or the English language, enabling them to pursue a successful career in the field of Culinary Arts.

This program is perfect for local and international students who love the Culinary Arts and are looking to make their passion into a profession that offers secure employment with high earnings at a glamorous, exciting and challenging work environment.

Within the short span of 2 years that is the duration of the program, students will have gained a comprehensive knowledge of cooking, pastry, bakery and serving techniques.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The program is taught through an innovative combination of academic and practical training utilizing dedicated auditoriums and lab-facilities that are among the best of their kind in the region.

Continuation of Academic Studies

Graduates with a desire to further pursue their studies have the option of continuing their studies and gaining a degree at our school with the Bachelor in Culinary Arts Management program.

Career Prospects

After completing their studies, students will be able to start work immediately in the hotel, restaurant, catering and food industries or can choose to create their own business.

The students who choose to do their Diploma in the English language are practically assured of employment opportunities not only in Cyprus but also internationally becoming a highly sought-after employee for some of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors of the world economy.

Your career starts from Intercollege

A variety of job vacancies and internships are available to all students and alumni through the professional network that Intercollege has established with prominent organisations across the globe, seeking career candidates. More generally, Intercollege works closely with external partners to develop mutually beneficial relationships, and to connect students, faculty and industry in valuable partnerships, including research projects, student internships, and full-time
employment opportunities. We make every effort to stay ahead of organisational and human talent developments across sectors globally. Ultimately, we aim to equip you with essential skills and know-how that businesses need, thereby enhancing your employability.

Eropean Mobility for Students

The Erasmus + programme offers opportunities to Intercollege students to engage in transnational learning mobility activities, for their professional and personal advancement. Erasmus mobility is carried out with the support of the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

Α/Α Course Name Course Code Periods per week Number of ECTS
Semester A
1. Kitchen Technology I ICATR-101 3 6
2. Food Hygiene and Safety in the Workplace ICATR-103 3 6
3. Pastry and Bakery Ι ICATR-104 4 3
4. Kitchen Lab I ICATR-121(L) 6 3
5. English Language BENG-122 3 6
6. Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry ICATR-105 3 6
Semester B
7.         7. Kitchen Technology IΙ ICATR-102 3 6
8.         8. French Language Ι FREN-101 3 6
9.         9. Pastry and Bakery ΙΙ ICATR-114 4 3
10.      10. Kitchen Lab II ICATR-122(L) 6 3
11. English Language BENG-123 3 6
12. Food Service technology and Labs ICATR-106 4 3
13. Butchery, Cutting, Poultry/Meat/Fish Processing ICATR 107 4 3
14. Internship Ι ICATR 193 0 0

1st Year








2nd Year


Α/Α Course Name Course Code Periods per week Number of ECTS
Semester A
13. International Cuisine ICATR-213 4 3
14. Bar Operations and Oenology ICATR-217 3 6
15. Pastry and Bakery ΙΙΙ ICATR-208 4 3
16. Microcomputer Applications and Use in Culinary Industry ICOMP-150 3 6
17. Menu Design and Kitchen service ICATR-211 4 3
18. Organization, Management and Operation of a Restaurant ICATR-215 4 3
19. Cypriot Cuisine ICATR-209 4 3
Semester B
20. Kitchen Organization and Management ICATR-210 3 6
21. Cold Kitchen and Buffet Operation ICATR-212 4 3
22. French Language ΙΙ FREN-102 3 6
23. Food and Nutrition Science ICATR-214 3 6
24. Accounting I IACCT-110 3 6
25. Food and Drinks Costing ICATR 216 3 6
26. Internship ΙΙ ICATR 293 0 0



1 ICATR-101 Τεχνολογία Μαγειρικής I 6
2 ICATR-103 Υγιεινή Τροφίμων και Ασφάλεια στο Χώρο Εργασίας 6
3 ICATR-104 Ζαχαροπλαστική και Αρτοποιία Ι 6
4 ICATR-121(L) Εργαστήριο Μαγειρικής I 6
5 BENG-122 Αγγλική γλώσσα 6


7 CATR-102 Τεχνολογία Μαγειρικής IΙ 6
8 FREN-101 Γαλλική Γλώσσα Ι 6
9 ICATR-114 Ζαχαροπλαστική και Αρτοποιία ΙΙ 3
10 ICATR-122(L) Εργαστήριο Μαγειρικής II 3
11 BENG-123 Αγγλική γλώσσα 6
12 ICATR-106 Τεχνολογία και εργαστήρια Τραπεζοκομίας 3
13 ICATR-107 Τεμαχισμός και Επεξεργασία Πουλερικών/Κρεάτων/Ψαριών 3


14 ICATR-193 Πρακτική εξάσκηση Ι     –


15 ICATR-213 Διεθνής Κουζίνα  3
16 ICATR-207 Οινολογία, Μπαρ και Ποτά  6
17 ICATR-208 Ζαχαροπλαστική και Αρτοποιία ΙΙΙ  3
18 ICOMP-150 Εφαρμογές Μικροϋπολογιστή και Χρήση στην Επισιτιστική Βιομηχανία  6
19 ICATR-211 Οργάνωση και Διοίκηση κουζίνας  6
20 IACCT 110 Βασικές αρχές Λογιστικής  6


21 ICATR-211 Σχεδιασμός και Εφαρμογές Εδεσματολογίου  3
22 ICATR-212 Κρύα Κουζίνα και λειτουργία Μπουφέ  3
23 FREN-102 Γαλλική Γλώσσα ΙΙ  6
24 ICATR-214 Επιστήμη Τροφίμων και Διατροφής  6
25 ICATR-215 Αρχές Οργάνωσης, Διοίκησης και Λειτουργίας  Εστιατορίου  3
26 ICATR-216 Κοστολόγηση Τροφίμων & Ποτών  6
27 ICATR-209 Κυπριακή Κουζίνα  3


28 ICATR-293 Πρακτική εξάσκηση ΙΙ

Students come to INTERCOLLEGE from around the world, blending a diverse range of academic backgrounds, experiences, interests, talents and cultural heritage.

Admission to our Institution is granted under different categories, depending on the student’s qualifications and educational objectives. Our general admissions policy relies on the student’s previous academic performance, including their high school grades.

Undergraduate Admission
The general admission requirement for entry to an undergraduate programme of study is a recognised High School Leaving Certificate or equivalent.

English Language Proficiency – New English Placement Test Online (NEPTON)
Where required, students will have to take the English Placement test, with no charge before registering for classes, unless they have passed an internationally
recognised English exam which indicates their level of English proficiency.

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