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Diploma in Culinary Arts (Cooking, Pastry, Baking and Food & Beverage Service)

Accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (S.E.K.A.P.)
Subsided by the Government of Cyprus

The Culinary Arts program of the Intercollege is based on European and American standards for vocational education and prepares students for a career in the hotel industry. It offers technical courses and has as an objective the upgrading of the Cyprus hospitality industry, through the proper training of students in the areas of cooking, pastry and baking and food & beverage service.
The program is taught by qualified trainers and lecturers who participate in many events and competitions and have to their credit a series of successes and awards. The Department also participates in exhibitions relating to the programme, both in Cyprus and abroad and occasionally offers intensive programs and seminars aiming to offer further training to graduates, as well as to professional cooks, confectioners, bakers and waiters.

Duration:Two (2) years for obtaining a Diploma.
Language: The programme is offered in Greek and English Language. The English and French languages are taught, with emphasis on relevant terminology.
Location: Intercollege Nicosia


The purpose of the program is to adequately equip you for your future career in the field of culinary arts. This program is ideal for you if you are looking for a secure vocational employment, with high salaries and benefits, in a pleasant working environment.
Through the program you will gain comprehensive knowledge as to the flawless organization and administration of the kitchen, the right composition of menus based on actual hygiene regulations and the presentation and decoration of dishes. Upon completion of your studies, you can work in enterprises of the hotel and catering industry or start your own business.


The teaching is done with the ideal combination of theoretical demonstration and practical training, in well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment.


After obtaining the diploma you have the opportunity, if you wish, to continue your studies and pursue the Degree of Culinary Arts which is certified by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (S.E.K.A.P.)

Career Prospects

Your practical training takes place during the summer months, in selected hotels, restaurants or patisseries and lasts four months each year. During your training you are paid as a trainee/ cook-confectioner. The internship is assessed, both by employers and by the instructors of the College.

In addition, during the academic year, you will be able to work if and when you wish. Your instructors will provide you with all the assistance you may need in finding the appropriate job for you. This way you get adjusted more easily to the program you have selected, gain practical experience and earn some money at the same time.

1st Year

Semester A

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 ICATR 101 Kitchen Technology I 6
2 ICATR 103 Food Hygiene and Safety in the Workplace 6
3 ICATR 104 Pastry and Bakery Ι 6
4 ICATR 121(L) Kitchen Lab I 6
5 BENG 122 English Language 6
5 ICATR-105 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry 6

Semester B

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
7 ICATR 102 Kitchen Technology IΙ 6
8 FREN 101 French Language Ι 6
9 ICATR 114 Pastry and Bakery ΙΙ 3
10 ICATR 122(L) Kitchen Lab II 3
11 BENG 123 English Language 6
12 ICATR 106 Food Service technology and Labs 3
13 ICATR 107 Butchery, Cutting, Poultry/Meat/Fish Processing 3


14 ICATR 193 Internship Ι     –

2nd Year

Semester A

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
15 ICATR 213 International Cuisine  3
16 ICATR 217 Bar Operations and Oenology  6
17 ICATR 208 Pastry and Bakery ΙΙΙ  3
18 ICOMP 150 Microcomputer Applications and Use in Culinary Industry  6
19 ICATR 211 Menu Design and Kitchen service  3
20 ICATR 215 Organization, Management and Operation of a Restaurant  3
20 ICATR 209 Cypriot Cuisine  3

Semester B

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
21 ICATR 210 Kitchen Organization and Management  6
22 ICATR 212 Cold Kitchen and Buffet Operation  3
23 FREN 102 French Language ΙΙ  6
24 ICATR 214 Food and Nutrition Science  6
25 ICATR 110 Accounting I  6
26 ICATR 216 Food and Drinks Costing  6


28  ICATR 293 Internship ΙΙ    –


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