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Automotive Engineering

Accredited by The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (DI.P.A.E.)

Subsided by the Government of Cyprus

What you will learn…

  • The only Greek-speaking Higher diploma in Automotive Engineering in Cyprus.
  • Training in new technologies, including hybrid, electric and LPG vehicles.
  • By obtaining the diploma and having gone through the necessary practical training, students can get the Professional Automotive Engineer License (Vehicle Engineering).
  • Fully equipped laboratories for practical training.
  • Training using simulators for better understanding of the vehicle systems.
  • Function of internal combustion engine such as fuel distribution, engine lubrication, turbochargers and other systems.
  • Training in diesel engine systems.
  • Diagnostic vehicle control and electronic management systems.
  • Transmission, brake, steering and suspension systems.
  • Potential to work as a Technical Control Line Manager for Vehicles (MOT).

Duration:Three (3) years for obtaining the Higher National Diploma.
Language:Greek Language
Location: Intercollege Nicosia

With the continuous increase in competition among car manufacturers in recent decades, the demand for this profession is growing rapidly and now all the manufacturing companies seriously invest in technical support groups (garage, after sales, spare parts, etc.), aiming at the best customer service. As an auto mechanic you are ensured a profession with a high salary and a secure future.


Nowadays the development and technology applied to cars require specialized knowledge. To obtain such knowledge a vocational programme of studies is necessary. The various new systems in cars these days, including the engine auto-stop system when not needed (e.g. at traffic lights) and activated when needed (auto start-stop technology). Also, smart energy storage and recovery systems are widely used in modern cars. The programme of automotive engineering, aims firstly and foremost to give students the necessary typical knowledge of cars and operating systems needed to operate a car and then the specialized knowledge of the new systems. In this context, the aim is to fully prepare students by enhancing their knowledge through practical laboratory courses and summer practice in the industry. Emphasis is also given on the proper functioning and organization of the workshop (garage), which is an important criterion for a new business to succeed.

The objectives of the Programme are:

  • The theoretical and practical training of the students on the issues relating to internal combustion engines (gasoline and oil), as well as their subsystems.
  • The specialization in modern diesel engine systems, which have evolved considerably in recent years.
  • The theoretical and practical training of students in vehicle electric and electronics.
  • Providing expertise in issues concerning safety and organization in the workplace.
  • Theoretical training in issues concerning alternative fuels, hybrid technology and other forms of energy in vehicles.
  • Providing expertise in modern engine and vehicle management systems.
  • The theoretical knowledge and practical training of students in powertrain technology, steering and suspension of vehicles.
  • The theoretical and practical training of students in car heating and air conditioning systems.
  • The theoretical and practical training of students in issues regarding car checks and diagnosis.
  • Awareness of students on environmental issues in the workplace.
  • Practical knowledge in the proper use of tools.
  • Knowledge and skills of vehicle repair and maintenance obtained through laboratory courses, but also through industry courses (during the summer practice).

Career Prospects

Your professional development includes working on:

  • Repair and car maintenance-related business.
  • Car-related business marketing (importers).
  • Power generation-related business with internal combustion engines
  • Service and vehicle inspection organizations (MOT).
  • Finally, you can create your own business.


Academic Path

MTECH-100   Thermodynamics Principles

MTECH-110   Electricity Principles

COMP-150     Microcomputer Applications

MTECH-120   Mathematics

BENG-121T   English I

AUTO-100      Internal Combustion Engines I

AUTO-110      Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Systems

AUTO-120      Vehicles Technical Drawing

AUTO-130      Health and safety at workplace – Environment

BENG-122T   English II

AUTO-195      Summer Placement I

AUTO-210      Bodywork and vehicle analysis

AUTO-200      Internal Combustion Engines II

AUTO-220      Transmission and Propulsion Systems

AUTO-280      Braking Systems

AUTO-205      Diesel Engines Technology

AUTO-230      Vehicle Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

AUTO-250      Steering and suspension systems

AUTO-260      Vehicle Diagnostics

AUTO-270      Engines and Vehicles Electronic Management Systems

AUTO-290      Individual Project

AUTO-295      Summer Placement II

AUTO-305      Alternative Fuels and Hybrid Technology

IMGT-281       Introduction to Management

ICOMM-300   Business and Professional Communication

AUTO-320      Vehicle Dynamics

AUTO-330      Interdisciplinary Project I

AUTO-340      Vehicle Dynamics II

AUTO-350      Workshop Operational Management

BENG-123A   Professional  English

IACCT-300     Accounting

AUTO 360      Interdisciplinary Project II

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