English Language Test

Notice to All Applicants

  1. All prospective students are required to take the Intercollege’s English Placement Test (EPT).  The purpose of this test is to place students in the appropriate level of English in order to support their academic studies at the University. The EPT is not a College entrance examination; previous academic performance (e.g. School Leaving Certificate) is taken into consideration with regard to Intercollege entrance requirements.
  1. Students who have the following qualifications can take the test, but will not be placed below the level shown:
Level of English Qualifications

Paper Based TOEFL Comp. Based TOEFL TOEFL IBT GCE “O”/IGCSE Level IELTS Cambridge English Exams
ENGL-101 550 + 213 + 79 + A or B 6.5 + CAE Grade A or B Proficiency A or B or C
ENGL -100 513-547 183-210 65-78 C 5.5 – 6.0 CAE Grade C First Certificate A or B
  1. Students can take the EPT after they officially enroll and pay the Euro 55 application fee.

Students who take part in the InterPro+ (Free English Preparatory and College Skills Orientation Programme) may retake the test once during the InterPro+ programme. Students are strongly recommended to attend this FREE InterPro+ programme and put every possible effort into studying and preparing for the retake of the EPT. This will help  students achieve better results perhaps being placed in one of the higher-level English courses without spending extra time and money during their academic studies.