Internal Quality Assurance Committee

Intercollege (Nicosia Campus) founded an Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) on May 23, 2014. The aim and purpose of the IQAC is constant self-evaluation, as well as the quality adjustment and/or upgrading of the academic regulations across the different programmes of study offered at the College. The qualitative harmonization in vocational education is a key priority for the IQAC which evaluates and continuously adjusts the modern quality assurance practices across the different College structures.

The IQAC consists of the following:
• Charalambos Papadopoulos – Deputy Executive Director/Director of Academic Affairs & Quality Assurance (Chair)
• Andreas Chrysanthou – Director of Administration
• Sotia Paphiti – Lead Internal Quality Assurance Auditor
• Christina Hadjicosti – Academic Affairs Officer
• Georgia Koula – Academic Affairs Officer
• Andreas Loizou – Lecturer
• Maria Theodorou – Lecturer
• Nicolas Orphanides – Lecturer
• Nicoletta Ellina – Student Elected Representative
Intercollege (Nicosia Campus) acted proactively in 2014 when it established the IQAC which helped provide a sound groundwork for the smooth implementation of the requirements set by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (DI.P.A.E).

Scope of Work
The IQAC is appointed every two (2) years by the Executive Director on the recommendation of the Directors Council, within the framework and provisions of the relevant legislation governing DI.P.A.E. The established Director or Senior Officer of the Academic Affairs Office is appointed Chair of the Committee. The Executive Director of the College reserves the right to change the structure of the IQAC to ensure its continuous upgrading.

The IQAC is the only official qualified College entity that reserves the right to carry out continuous inspections and create mechanisms with a view of ensuring and continuously upgrading the quality and transparency within the College.

The IQAC coordinates the preparation and submission of special self-assessment reports submitted to DI.P.A.E for external audit purposes, as well as general assessment reports concerning the College including quality indicators.

The IQAC reserves the right to monitor all sectors of the College without exception and carry out continuous checks to confirm that internal standards and regulatory legislation are being followed and help reinforce the transparency of College procedures. The IQAC meetings take place at regular intervals. The decisions made during the meetings are binding and concern the continuous enhancement of quality with respect to the services offered by the College. All decisions are taken with the view of directing all College processes towards quality betterment. The IQAC invites representatives from the different College offices/departments at regular intervals for information briefings and the exchange of views for improvement.

When necessary, the IQAC reserves the right to designate ad-hoc subcommittees to handle any necessary procedures and/or reach the appropriate conclusions regarding the functionality and compliance of the different College sections.

The IQAC has an appointed Lead Internal Auditor (LIA) who coordinates a team of two (2) or three (3) Internal Auditors (IAs). The Lead Internal Auditor is responsible for organizing and maintaining an annual audit plan. The IQAC expects to be duly informed of the various audit results and the calculated rates of compliance and/or non-compliance.

All programmes of study are monitored through completion of annual reports and organised biannual meetings during which members of the IQAC are present.