The first Rector of Intercollege, Professor Van Coufoudakis, is appointed. Four new schools are created: the School of Business, the School of Sciences and Engineering, the School of Education, and the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law. Departments with Heads are set up to substitute the Programme Coordinators. Student enrolment rose by 1000 students, raising the total number to 3,500, including 750 international students. Intercollege is the only college authorized by the CIB and the UMIST to teach the syllabus for the CIB/UMIST degree in Financial Services. Intercollege sets up a Unit of Environmental Studies, together with Ecognosia, and a Center for Applied Research. The research output includes 5 books, 52 refereed journal papers, 93 conference proceedings, 7 book chapters and 10 art exhibitions. Intercollege creates a Business Development Unit, which incorporates the Consultancy Unit, the Training and Development Unit and the European Programmes. In athletics, Intercollege wins 1st place in Handball and 2nd place in Football, Basketball, and Volleyball in the Intercollegiate Tournaments.