‘The term Accreditation refers to the statutory requirement for the approved registration of a programme of study in the certified list of recognized programmes. The list confirms that the programme meets the minimum level of quality requirements for each occasion.’

This is the official definition offered by the relevant governing body S.EK.A.P (Council of Educational Evaluation – Accreditation).

Cypriot students enrolled in an accredited programme of study have a right to apply for a state subsidy.

The accredited Intercollege programmes of study by Campus are the following:

  • Aesthetics (4 Years, Bachelor, in Greek)
  • Automotive Engineering (3 Years, Higher Diploma, in Greek)
  • Automotive Engineering (2 Years, Diploma, in Greek)
  • Culinary Arts (2 Years, Diploma, in English or Greek)
  • Culinary Arts Management (4 Years, Bachelor, in Greek)
  • Mechanical Installations Technician (2 Years, Diploma, in Greek)