Alumni Relations

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A student’s journey at Intercollege may begin with their admission, however, it does not end upon graduation.

Intercollege aspires to play a role in the lives of its graduates, to remain in touch with them, foster interaction between them, and support them where possible.

As part of its focus on life-long learning, Intercollege is pleased to offer the opportunity to its alumni to pursue further studies at reduced tuition fees. Interested alumni are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office for further details on Alumni Discounts on our diverse range of degrees, HNDs and Diplomas.

The Student Affairs Office is always willing to assist students and graduates in finding a suitable job. In addition, alumni who are interested in offering full-time work placements to current students or recent graduates are welcome to coordinate with the Student Affairs Office on this. Moreover, alumni are encouraged to cooperate with the different College Departments in assigning students research projects relevant to their sector, in the context of a mutually beneficial relationship.

We hope that our initiatives will be welcomed by our alumni and invite them to contribute in any way they can towards enhancing our connection with each other. Suggestions for further activity involving our alumni are welcome.

For further information and advice please contact or the Student Affairs Officer of your campus:
Ms. Fani Papamichael,