Bachelor of Arts

Culinary Arts Management

Culinary Arts Management

Embark on an enriching and rewarding journey with our Culinary Arts Management Bachelor Degree programme, designed for those passionate about merging the art of culinary excellence with the business acumen required to excel in the dynamic food and hospitality industries. This programme delves into a broad range of topics, from culinary techniques and global cuisine to management principles, marketing, and event planning.

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Why Choose Intercollege

FOR YOUR Culinary Arts Management DEGREE

The first degree equivalent to University level degree in Cyprus and Greece

Awarded as the best School of Southern Europe in Culinary Arts for 2017 and 2019

Award-winning School with Gold Medals in international competitions


  • Teaching that ideally combines theoretical training and practical demonstration in well-equipped laboratories and a gastronomic amphitheatre with modern equipment
  • Training in the fields of cooking, confectionery, bakery and food and beverages service
  • Courses in kitchen management and management or a culinary business in its entirety
  • Internship opportunities in Cyprus and abroad, as well as through Erasmus in Europe
  • Opportunities for employment as Chefs
  • Excellent job prospects through strategic partnerships with the industry
  • Teaching career in Secondary Education
  • State-of-the-art facilities

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Program Aims


Develop a comprehensive understanding of culinary techniques, ingredients, and equipment used in the global food industry, equipping students with the skills to excel in a variety of culinary roles.


Foster expertise in management principles and practices specific to the culinary and hospitality sectors, including staff management, cost control, marketing, and operations, to prepare students for leadership positions.


Cultivate a deep appreciation for diverse culinary traditions and techniques from around the world, encouraging students to broaden their culinary horizons and develop innovative dishes and menus.


Promote a strong foundation in food science, nutrition, and safety, enabling students to create balanced, safe, and high-quality culinary experiences in both professional and personal settings.


Enhance students’ abilities to plan, organize, and execute events, with a focus on customer satisfaction, aesthetics, and adherence to industry standards in foodservice and hospitality.


Encourage professional growth, networking, and lifelong learning by providing students with opportunities for internships, industry partnerships, and access to cutting-edge culinary trends and research, empowering them to thrive in the dynamic culinary landscape.



Fine Practice experience

The teaching ideally combines theoretical training and practical demonstration, in well-equipped laboratories, with modern equipment.

What You Will Learn


Foundations of the Culinary Industry

Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Introduction to Management, Basic Principles of Accounting, Principles of Organization, Cost Management and Control, Food and Beverage Costing, Design of Food Units


Culinary Arts and Techniques

Restaurant Art – Table Service, Cutting and Processing of Meat / Fish, International Cuisine, Oenology, Bar and Drinks, Kitchen Organization and Management, Cold Kitchen Organization and Preparation – Buffet Operation, Food Science and Nutrition, Cypriot Cuisine and Gastronomic Culture, Specialized Kitchens, etc.


Confectionery and Bakery Skills

Food Design and Applications, Decorative Art in Confectionery and Bakery


Event Planning and Management

Organization and Management of Events


and Career Prospects

The graduates of the programme can pursue careers as:

  • Cuisine Manager
  • Chef
  • Chef’s Assistant
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Restaurant Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Food and Beverage Director
  • Food Stylist
  • Kitchen Operations Manager
  • Banquet Manager
  • Hotel or Resort Chef
  • Food and Beverage Purchasing Manager
  • Menu Development Consultant
  • Cruise Ship Chef or Culinary Manager

Study and Work

at Intercollege

Combine study with work experience through our strategic partnerships:

  • Access favorable employment conditions.
  • Work with renowned organizations, enriching your CV.
  • Enjoy part-time employment during your studies and full-time employment in the summer.
  • Find employment opportunities both in Cyprus and abroad.


Our programme emphasizes hands-on experience through internships in all areas of employment, allowing students to engage with the world of aesthetics and wellness from the very first year of study.


Expand your horizons with further education, work, and internships abroad through the ERASMUS+ programmes.


Title: Culinary Arts Management Degree

Duration: 4 Years / 240 ECTS

Language of Instruction: Greek