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Pharmacy Technician

The programme is officially registered with the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.

The Pharmacy Technician program aims to prepare the students to work under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist and to be able to perform many pharmacy-related tasks. By attending this programme the students will become familiar with the medical and pharmaceutical terminology, understand pharmacology in relation to anatomy, and perform pharmaceutical calculations.

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Duration:Two (3) years for the Higher Diploma.
Language:English Language
Location: Intercollege Larnaca


The program focuses on:

  • education and training of pharmacy technicians who are employed in the pharmacy sector, e.g. hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy or pharmaceutical industry
  • providing opportunities for students to enter employment as pharmacy technicians or to progress to higher education such as a full-time degree in pharmacy (provided that any additional requirements are met)
  • understanding the role of the pharmacy technician, their relationship within the section/department in which they work and how their role and their department/section fit into the organizational structure and the other pharmacy sectors and local community
  • giving students opportunities to develop major and wider key skills, such as self-improving, working with others and problem-solving, in a scientific and technological context
  • providing opportunities for students to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life.

Career Prospects

Pharmacy Technicians will be able to interpret physician orders and prescriptions, to prepare and distribute medications and to communicate effectively with patients and medical professionals. The Pharmacy Technician will learn how to manage the cash register, how to maintain a patient medication record, how to manage stock of prescribed and non-prescribed medicines. This program is designed not only to prepare the students for a career as Pharmacy Technician, but also to create an attractive candidate to pharmaceutical companies and to open the path for a medical education.


Academic Path

SCI-101 General Chemistry and Physics

HRS-101 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

COMP-150 Computer Applications

PSY- 100 Psychology for Health and Social Care

BENG-200 English Language I

SCI-102 Organic Chemistry

HRS-102 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BIOL-200 Biology and Microbiology

COMM-321 Public Relations Principles

BENG-200 English Language II

PHARM-101 Pharmacology I

PHARM-102 Nosology and Pharmacotherapy I

PHARM-103 Pharmaceutical  Industry

ACCT-110 Accounting

BENG-201 English Language III

PHARM-201 Pharmacology II

PHARM-202 Nosology and Pharmacotherapy II

PHARM-106 Health Safety and Infection Control

PHARM-490 Pharmacy Practicum

HRS-230 Law and Ethics for Health Service

BENG-201A English Language IV

PHARM-301 Clinical Pharmacology

COMM-200 Business and Professional Communications

PHARM-302 Biopharmaceutics-Pharmacokinetics

PHARM-305 Pharmacotoxicology

BEBG-202 English Language V

PHARM-310 Over-Counter Medication

PHARM-311 Cosmetics

PHARM-312 Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements

PHARM-306 Pharmacy Office Management

PHARM-491 Final Project

BENG-202A English Language VI

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