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Pharmacy Assistant – Diploma (Nicosia) – Reduced fees €3,944

Accredited by The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (DI.P.A.E.)

Subsided by the Government of Cyprus


What you will learn…

→ Maintaining the proper health and safety conditions of the workplace.
→ Maintaining the equipment used in any manufacturing process.
→ Mix pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations, according to written prescriptions.
→ Checking procedures and conditions in order to correctly pack products of high quality.
→ Maintaining proper storage and security conditions for pharmaceutical products and raw materials, according to Good Pharmacy Practice.
→ Recording the substances and their ratios in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations, and writing reports to the pharmacist regarding your observations.
→ Pricing, choosing and evaluating offers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products.
→ Receiving and storing incoming supplies, verifying quantities against invoices, checking the integrity and the good condition of the incoming supplies, and updating the virtual stock in the stock-management program on the pharmacy’s PC.
→ Filling prescriptions and consulting patients, under the pharmacist’s supervision.
→ Pricing and filing prescriptions that have been filled, preparing and processing medical insurance claim forms and records.
→ Establishing or maintaining patient profiles, including lists of medications, OTCs and health supplements taken by individual patients.

Two (2) years for obtaining the Diploma.
The programme is offered in the Greek Language.

A “Pharmacy Assistant” is a skilled specialist with rich theoretical knowledge and comprehensive training, for practical applications both in laboratory and industrial production of pharmaceutical products.

The programme of “Pharmacy Assistant” is a specialized and properly configured programme that provides the necessary knowledge and skills to become not only an indispensable and valuable pharmacist assistant, but it also enables you to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

The specialty of a “Pharmacy Assistant” is developing rapidly and has a great potential in Cyprus and in Greece, due to the need of professionally qualified personnel in the labor market. The lack of properly trained Pharmacy Assistants has led to the creation of this programme, in order to satisfy the growing demands of the profession and to provide you with excellent prospects for employment and advancement.

Career Prospects

As a graduate of this program you can work in:
• Community Pharmacies (Pharmacist Assistant)
• Pharmacies and laboratories of the public sector (Hospitals – Pharmaceutical Services)
• Pharmaceutical companies
• Wholesale drugstores
• Representations of medical and laboratory consumables
• Cosmetic dealers
• Private organizations dealing with health issues



PHAS-100 Anatomy
PHAS-110 General Biology
PHAS-120 General and Inorganic Chemistry
PHAS-130 Analytical Chemistry
PHAS-140 Physiology
PHAS-150 Nosology
PHAS-160 General Biochemistry
PHAS-170 Organic Chemistry
PHAS-180 Pharmacy Management
PHAS 185 Health and Safety at Workplace
PHAS-200 Cosmetology
PHAS-210 Pharmacology
PHAS-220 Pharmaceutical Technology
PHAS-230 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PHAS-240 Pharmacognosy
PHAS-250 Good Manufacturing Practice
PHAS-260 Legislation and Ethics
PHAS-270 Non-Prescription Products
PHAS-280 Galenic Pharmacy – Dispensing
PHAS-290 Internship
PHAS-295 Pharmacology and Toxicology
ENG-100 Basic Writing
COMP-150 Microcomputer Applications

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