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Hotel and Tourism Management 

Accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (S.E.K.A.P.)
Subsided by the Government of Cyprus.

What you will learn…

•    Have a basic and at the same time substantial academic and technical knowledge to contribute towards effective industry operations in the hospitality and tourism sectors.
•    Gain valuable industry-related knowledge, skills and competencies.
•    Have exposure to the main departmental functions in hotel units (Reception, Restaurant, Bar, Kitchen, Housekeeping).
•    Have a general knowledge of the travel and tourism industry, an overview of worldwide attractions and the basic abilities to market those.
•    Be able to fulfill the IATA requirements for handling travel reservations, for itinerary planning and ticketing, as travel professionals.
•    Have the necessary abilities to supervise functions in hospitality and travel operations, with brilliant prospects for career advancement into higher level positions.
•    Be able to perform efficiently at both national and international levels and meet the constant challenges of the dynamic global tourism industry.
•    Be ready to embark on an effective career track to successfully fulfill personal professional goals within the world’s largest industry – the travel industry – an industry full of new thrills and challenges, every day, which offers endless career opportunities, in Cyprus and abroad.
•    Be competent to exploit effectively career opportunities in hotels, restaurants, catering, events and entertainment, casinos, clubs, cruise ships, travel agencies, tour operations, etc.
•    Have a substantial academic background to pursue further and higher academic endeavors.
•    Benefit from Intercollege’s decades of experience in Hospitality and Tourism Management education in modern facilities, as well as the wide network of industry stakeholders through which industry employment is supported.

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Duration: Two (2) years for the Diploma.
Language: English Language
Location: Intercollege Nicosia (subjected to approval from DIPAE)

Education in the hospitality and tourism industry of Cyprus is critical, as this industry comprises the backbone of the country’s economy (over 20% of the GNP), while at the same time it constitutes the world’s largest component of exports value, and tourism revenues grow faster than international trade of services and merchandise (according to the World Tourism Organization). Intercollege contributes to the sustainability of the national economy, as well as the international tourism sector, by educating the labor force, which will take control of the industry as tomorrow’s hospitality and tourism managers. It must be noted that currently the hospitality and tourism industry in Cyprus is the only industry that is thriving.


At the Diploma level, the Hotel and Tourism Management program aims to provide students with a solid foundation in the field of hospitality and travel and prepare them to become effective industry  professional. Students are exposed to both theoretical and experiential applications in order to develop skills, competencies and confidence necessary for a successful career in the tourism industry. Specifically, with the college’s motto “Excellence in Education”, as a guiding force, the program is geared to implementing the institution’s mission by assisting students to become educated individuals, to achieve their academic and career goals, and to assume responsible roles in a changing world of international cooperation and interdependence. Through classroom theory, laboratory applications, and field trip visitations, the programme ensures a comprehensive and quality education to all students, hence, excellence in education.

Career Prospects

Graduates from the Hotel and Tourism program are ready to embarking successful career path in hotels, restaurants and tourism organizations, both nationally and internationally, starting from entry-level positions to acquire the necessary skills and experience, and then proceeding to upper levels of the managerial structure of the organization.


Academic Path

TRVL-100 Airline & Travel Operations

TRVL-105 Travel & Tourism I

TRVL-110 World Geography

TRVL- 230A Tourism Services Marketing

TRVL-125 Ticketing and Reservations I

TRVL-225 Ticketing and Reservations II

HOT-100 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

HOT-112 Food and Beverage Service I

HOT-250 Hospitality Information Systems

HOT-245 Front Office Operations

HOSP-111 Food Production I

HOT-235 Housekeeping & Maintenance Operations

HOT-293 Final Project

COMP-150 Microcomputer Application

IMGT-281 Intro. to Management

ACCT-110 Elementary Accounting I

MATH-100 Mathematics & Statistics

FREN-101 French Lang. & Culture I

FREN-102 French Lang. & Culture II

PSY-110 General Psychology

ENGL-100 Basic Writing

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