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Hairdressing – Reduced Tuition Fees €4,928

The programme is officially registered with the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.

The Hairdressing programme is designed to equip students with the appropriate knowledge, qualifications and skills required for a successful career in the hairdressing sector. The programme also provides the opportunity to acquire knowledge of salon management.
During the programme, there is emphasis on all areas of learning, both on theoretical and practical level, while offering comprehensive and detailed knowledge in specialized areas of hairdressing, such as styling, trimming, perm and colouring, as well as in broad areas such as salon management.

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Duration:Two (2) years for the Diploma.
Language:Greek Language
Location: Intercollege Larnaca


The programme has been designed:
• To provide students a comprehensive educational and academic foundation for a successful career in hairdressing.
• To offer specialized studies directly related to the requirements of the hairdressing sector.
• To provide flexibility, knowledge, skills and motivation as a basis for further future studies and career development.
• For the students to develop their skills in hairdressing, through an effective combination of knowledge and skills acquired during the programme.
• To develop professional expertise such as training in salon management, but also on issues related to continuous professional development.

Career Prospects

Upon completion of the programme, students will have acquired all the necessary skills in order to successfully cope with the demands of the hairdressing profession.


Acedemic Path

HAIR-101 Health and Safety at Workplace

HAIR-102 Principles of Professional Attitude and communication at workplace

HAIR-103 Principles of Counseling and Consultation with customers

HAIR- 104 Shampoo, hair and scalp Treatments

HAIR-105 Basic Haircut Techniques

HAIR-106 Basic Styling Techniques

HAIR-107 Basic Techniques of Changing Hair Colouring

HAIR-108 Hairdressing Salon Reception Duties

HAIR-209 Perm Techniques

HAIR-210 Colour Correction Techniques

HAIR-211 Specilised Haircut Techniques

HAIR-212 Participation in the Programming and Implementation of Promotional Activities

HAIR-213 Practice I (in Salon Environment)

HAIR-200 Specialised Hair colouring Techniques

HAIR-203  Specialized Hairstyle Techniques

HAIR-109 Promoting products and services to clients

HAIR-214 Practice II (in Salon Environment)

HAIR-201 Hairdressing Consulting

ASM-108 Make up

ASM-128 Manicure & Pedicure

COMP-150 Microcomputer Applications

BENG -200 Professional English I

BENG -201 Professional English II

HAIR-114  Skin and Hair Analysis

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