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Gas Technician

Accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (S.E.K.A.P.)

Subsided by the Government of Cyprus

What you will learn…

  • Facilities and equipment maintenance of Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Gaseous fuel combustion systems (boilers, burners and control systems)
  • Welding methods MMA, MIG / MAG and TIG
  • Transportation and storage of gaseous fuels
  • Environmental regulations and safety measures
  • Using specialized instruments and equipment for gaseous fuels
  • Welding certification Prospect based on the ISO 9096
  • Summer placement in companies and industry facilities
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Duration:Three (3) years for obtaining the Higher National Diploma.
Language:Greek Language
Location: Intercollege Nicosia

The Programme ” Gas Technician” deals with the installation, operation and maintenance of gas networks and equipment of liquefied petroleum gas in residential, industrial and business units, as well as the transportation, distribution, and control of such products.
After finding exploitable quantities of natural gas in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone, new prospects have been created for the island aiming to channel and utilise this natural resource in order to turn it into the main source of energy in Cyprus. The realization of this objective is expected to create new job opportunities in various sectors of the economy while developing professions related to the exploitation of gas and petroleum which until recently did not exist in the Cypriot market.
Recent surveys conducted by various authorities and organisations on the situation and perspective of various professions in Cyprus, showed that there is a great shortage of properly qualified people in key technical areas of industry and construction and especially artisans in the gas and petroleum sector. In addition, it has been recorded that there is a steadily increasing demand for qualified personnel, in the period 2010-2020, in specific technical sectors including the industrial and construction. The above facts combined with the lack of any other existing programme of studies in Cyprus, has led to the creation of this program in order to meet the increasing demands of the profession and to provide with excellent prospects for advancement and satisfaction in gaseous fuel such as natural gas and others.


The purpose of this program is to supply skilled and trained personnel with the necessary theoretical and practical skills to cope with increasing challenges and requirements in the Oil & Gas Technician industry such as Natural Gas and more. During your studies you will acquire the necessary knowledge for the installation, operation and maintenance of gas networks and equipment of liquefied petroleum in order to acquire the skills and qualifications required for practicing the profession in this sector.

Career Prospects

As a graduate of this program you can work in:

  • Industries that use store or produce natural gas and petroleum products.
  • Gas and oil terminals and processing plants.
  • In oil/gas distribution companies.
  • In installation of gas distribution networks.
  • In workshop repairing oil/gas appliances/equipment.
  • In companies selling oil/gas appliances or equipment.
  • As a freelancer.


Academic Path

OGT-151      Electricity Principles

OGT-152      Thermodynamics Principles

OGT-160      Mathematics

COMP-150    Computer Applications

BENG-121   English I

OGT-171      Health and Safety at Work

OGT-153      Mechanical and Technical Drawing

OGT-154      Welding Technology MMA

BENG-122   English II

OGT-141      Introduction to General and Organic Chemistry

OGT-291      Placement (I)

OGT-221      Strength of Materials

OGT-241      Hydrocarbons Characteristics

OGT-231      Welding Technology MIG/MAG

OGT-255      Applications in Devices and Burners of Liquid and Gaseous Fuels

OGT-242      Facilities and Equipment of Natural and Liquefied Gas

OGT-272      Facilities and Equipment of Natural and Liquefied Gas

OGT-211      Applied Principles of Combustion

OGT-244      Transportation and Storage of Liquid / Gas Fuels

OGT-281      Pollution by Mineral Oils and Remediation Technologies

OGT-256      Welding Technology TIG

OGT-292      Placement (II)

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