Information for Faculty and Staff

Administrative, Non-Teaching, and Teaching Staff for Training (STT)

Within the broad objective of staff training this action encompasses the following types of mobility:

  • Mobility of teaching staff from a higher education institution to another higher education institution or to an enterprise, for the purpose of receiving training.
  • Mobility of administrative and other non-teaching staff from a higher education institution to a partner higher education institution or an enterprise for the purpose of receiving training.

The purpose is to allow the beneficiaries to learn by transfer of knowledge or know-how from the experiences and good practices of a partner institution or host enterprise and, thereby, to acquire practical skills relevant to their current job and their professional development. The activities can be varied: workshops, courses and conferences, periods of practical training, short secondments, and others.

Usually training visits under STT last between two days (excluding traveling) to six days.  Transportation and living expenses are covered by Erasmus+.  The grant depends on the host country and the length of stay.

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