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Electrical Technician

Accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (S.E.K.A.P.)

Subsided by the Government of Cyprus

What you will learn…

→ Basic Knowledge in Electrical and Electronic systems,
→Basic Knowledge in Regulation of Electrical Installations,
→How to use tools that are used in Electrical Installations,
→How to use meters to take measurements and check Electrical Installations,
→How to take the necessary actions for protection and Safety at work,
→Practical training combined with the necessary theory for the various stages of implementing an electrical installation e.g. for homes, shops, offices, industries, factories, etc.
→How to install Renewable Energy Sources (RES) with emphasis on photovoltaic systems,
→How to build electric automation tables e.g. water pumps, lighting, motors, etc.,
→How to program programmable logic controllers (PLC),
→How to install telecommunications and internet systems.

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Duration:Two (2) years for obtaining the Higher Diploma.
Language:Greek Language
Location: Intercollege Nicosia

The programme of “Electrical Technician” deals with electrical installations in residential and industrial units as well as the design of automation and control systems of power devices. This sector is also involved in the operation and installation of photovoltaic systems as well as the wiring of communication systems (audio and visual). Generally, the program is designed to provide graduates with theoretical knowledge and practical skills, so that they can successfully pursue a position of an electrical technician in today’s market.
Recent surveys conducted by various authorities and bodies on the perspective of various professions in Cyprus, showed that there is a great shortage of properly qualified people in key technical areas of the industry, construction and especially in the sector of electrical technicians. In addition, it has been reported that there is a steadily increasing demand for qualified personnel, in the period 2010-2020, for specific technical sectors including the industrial and construction sectors.
The above-mentioned facts, combined with the lack of such a programme of studies in Cyprus, has led to the creation of this programme in order to meet the increasing demands of the profession and to provide you with excellent prospects for advancement and satisfaction in the sector of industry and construction.

As a graduate of this program can work as:

1. A freelancer, who will be dealing with the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical installations as well as automation and control systems. .
2. Trained group supervisor and project assistant in electrical Ttechnical companies, engineering offices or garages operating in the electrical installation industry.
3. Head of department in Commercial enterprises and organisations engaged in manufacturing and selling of equipment and materials in the electrical installation industry.


ETECH-100 Principles of Electricity
ETECH-130 Digital Systems
COMP-150 Microcomputer Applications
ETECH-150 Mathematics
BENG-121 Professional English I
ETECH-120 Electrical Installations I (Basics)
ETECH-170 Electronic Devices and Circuits
ETECH-160 Technical Drawing
ETECH-110 Safety and Health
BENG-122 Professional English II
ETECH-200 Advanced Principles of Electricity
ETECH-220Electrical Installations II (Advanced Principles)
ETECH-230 Electrical Installations III (Regulations)
ETECH-260 Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
ETECH-270 Network cabling
ETECH-225 Electrical Installations Laboratory
ETECH-215 Electrical Laboratory, Electronics and Digital Circuits
ETECH-240 Design of Automation and Control Panels
ETECH-250 Design and installation of photovoltaic systems
ETECH-290 Individual Project
ETECH-199 Summer Internship I
ETECH-299 Summer Internship II

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