LPI 101 – Introduction to Linux 1

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LPI 101 – Introduction to Linux 1. It covers the basics to introduce you to, and help you to get started with, using Linux. The course includes hands-on experience with Linux through the use of virtual machines.

Target Audience
The LPI 101 – Introduction to Linux 1 curriculum is designed for students who want to learn Linux.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Curriculum Description
This 16 chapter course covers the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and command line. The goal of this course is to provide learners with a “starting place” for learning the Linux operating system. Learners who complete this course should understand Linux as an operating system, basic open source concepts, how Linux is used and the basics of the Linux command line. This course implements a «practice as you read» approach to learning. Each learner has hands-on access to a Linux virtual machine to practice, explore and trial Linux command line concepts.

Curriculum Objectives
Knowledge of Linux is a helpful skill for a wide variety of careers in business and Information Technology fields. Many emerging and growing career opportunities including big data, cloud computing, cyber security, information systems, networking, programming and software development (to name a few) require basic to advanced knowledge of the Linux command line.

Chapters/Topics Covered

  1.  Introduction to Linux
  2.  Open Source Applications and Licenses
  3.  Using Linux
  4.  Command Line Skills
  5.  Getting Help
  6.  Working with Files and Directories
  7.  Archiving and Compression
  8.  Pipes, Redirection, and REGEX
  9.  Basic Scripting
  10. Understanding Computer Hardware
  11.  Managing Packages and Processes
  12.  Network Configuration
  13.  System and User Security
  14.  Managing Users and Groups
  15.  Ownership and Permissions
  16.  Special Permissions, Links and File Locations

  • The programme is in English
  • Time frame 60 hours
  • Start Date: Thursday 13/12/2018
  • Classes Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Time:  18:00 –  21:15
  • Place: Intercollege Nicosia
  • Cost €990 per person

For more info please contact Kostas Trakakis, Administrator Officer INTERCOLLEGE
web site: www.intercollege.ac.cy
email: trakakis.k@intercollege.ac.cy
Tel: 22842500, Direct: 22842511, Fax: 22842555

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