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Early Childhood Care – Reduced Tuition Fees €4,920

Accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (S.E.K.A.P.)

Subsided by the Government of Cyprus.

The program is associated with a profession that combines in a unique way, contact with young age and conveying knowledge in the early stage of the educational process. At the same time, it is one of the specialties with increased business demand, offering various possibilities of career advancement and success.

  • Theoretical knowledge in basic courses teaching, psychology, early childhood care and education and practical knowledge related to the operation and activities in the nursery.
  • Knowledge, abilities and skills are developed through art and expression in the fields of Music and Movement Education, Arts, Theatre and Puppet in Preschool Education.
  • Education theory and practice in Physical Education matters, Nutrition and Dietetics, First Aid and Health Education   in young children.
  • Culture and applying appropriate teaching approaches to promoting language development, love of reading   and use of Children’s Literature, in Early Mathematics Education, in Environmental Education and the Intercultural Education in Preschool Education.
  • Equipped laboratories with all the necessary equipment for the laboratory practice of students: Early childhood   laboratory, Arts, Theatre, Puppet, Science Lab and Music and Education, Gym.
  • Upon completion of the Diploma, students are eligible to find employment in Private Infant Schools, Nursery Schools, Foundations and Children’s Organizations but also to establish their own nursery with the permission of the Welfare Office.
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Duration:Two (2) years for obtaining the Diploma.

Language:The programme is offered in the Greek Language

Location: Intercollege Larnaca


The programme aims are as follows:

  • Obtaining a professional diploma for students who aspire to work in this area.
  • As a graduate, you will have the advantage not only of possessing theoretical knowledge in basic courses such as education, psychology, early childhood, but you will also learn and apply the content of courses which constitute the preschool education programme.
  • You will also gain practical knowledge related to the Nursery as an organisation and the planning and support of teaching, which will provide you with the necessary skills for your career and advancement
  • You will be a qualified professional, who will have the ability to communicate, understand, and solve problems arising in the area of preschool establishments as well as kindness, tranquility and above all, your love for children.
  • Upon completion of the program, as a graduate, you will understand the role of the modern Nursery School and will be able to perform quality and improved services with a high level of professionalism.

Career Prospects

Upon completion of your studies you will be able to respond to current challenges.

The program offers appropriate training and education of people for work in:

  • Private Infant Schools
  • Private Nurseries
  • Kindergartens and Foundations related to the care and upbringing of children
  • Children Shelters
  • To establish your own nursery with the  permission of the Welfare Office


Academic Path

ECED-180 Early Childhood Care I

ECED-100 Introduction to the Education of Sciences

ECED-120  Modern Greek Language

ECED-110 Evolutionary Psychology

ECED-182 Promoting Health and Safety in young children

ECED-102 Playing and Learning

ECED-160 Music Education

ECED-185 Early Childhood Care II

ECED-130 Early Mathematics Concepts

ECED-105 Theory and methodology of preschool education activities

ECED-150 Theatre Education and Theatre Games

ECED-107 Organisation and operation of a Preschool Institution’s area

ECED-152 Art in Early Childhood Education

ECED-109 Preschool Education

ECED-280 Early Childhood Care III

ECED-245 Educational Sociology

ECED-240 Environmental Education

ECED-255 Movement Education in Early Childhood

ECED-220 Children’s Literature

ECED-210 Educational Psychology

ECED-296 School Experience I

ECED-297 School Experience II

ECED-270 Preschool Education and Computers

ECED-225 Language Education at Preschool Age

ECED-285 Nutrition and Dietetics

ECED-275 English Language

ECED-247 Intercultural Education

ECED-250 Puppet

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