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Business Administration – Reduced Tuition Fees €4,224

Accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (S.E.K.A.P.)

Subsided by the Government of Cyprus.


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Duration:Four (4) years for the Bachelor.
Language:English Language
Location: Intercollege Larnaca

The stated aims of the Business Administration programme are:

  1. To provide a sound basis of theoretical knowledge and of practical applications which would support the effective performance, through further work experience, of appropriate professional duties in the industry and the services sectors.
  2. To cultivate an inquisitive mind, a scientific methodological approach to problem handling and presentation of research results.
  3. To expose the students to other non-professionally oriented courses and to widen their horizons and their appreciation of cultural and social issues.

Career Prospects


Academic Path

Major Core Requirements

ACCT-110      Elementary Accounting I

ACCT-111      Elementary Accounting II

ACCT-211      Managerial Accounting

BADM-230     Business Law

BADM-234     Organizational Behavior

BADM-431     Research Methods in Business

BADM-439     Senior Simulation In Business

BADM-475     Strategy and Business Policy

BADM-493     Final Year Project

COMP-454     Information Systems Project

ECON-261     Principles Of Microeconomics

ECON-262     Principles Of Macroeconomics

FIN-266         Managerial Finance

IMGT-488      Operations Management

MGT-281       Intro To Management

MKTG-291     Marketing



BADM-250     International Business

ECON-480     International Econ. Integ. & Reg. Pol.

IMGT-486      Quantitative Methods For Mgt

MGT-280       Small Business Mgt

MGT-355       Leadership in Organizations

MGT-450       Quality Assurance Mgt

MGT-470       Mgt Restructuring & Reengin.

MGT-481       Personnel Management

MKTG-398     Marketing Research


Major Electives

BADM-491     Special Topics in Business

COMM-322    Public Relations Methods


Language Expression

BADM-231     Business Communications

BADM-332     Technical Writing & Research

BENG-100     College English

COMM-200    Bus & Prof Communication

ENGL-100      Basic Writing

ENGL-101      English Composition


Computer Electives

COMP-150     Microcomputer Applications

COMP-151A   Fund. Conc. of Info. and Comp. Tech.

COMP-160     Introduction to Multimedia

COMP-161     Interactive Multimedia Development

COMP-351     Information Systems Concepts


Math Electives

MATH-150     Finite Mathematics

MATH-160     College Algebra

MATH-190A    Calculus and Analytical Geometry I

MATH-191     Calculus II

MATH-220     Statistics

MATH-320C   Advanced Statistics


Humanities Electives

DES-110A      Introduction to the Visual Arts

DES-111        Graphic Design

ENGL-102      West World Lit & Comp

HIST-201       World History to 1500

HIST-202       World History Since 1500

HIST-203       Modern Europe

HIST-260       Cyprus History & Culture

MUS-110       Introduction to Music

PHIL-101       Intro To Philosophy

PHIL-120       Ethics

REL-250A      Ancient & Medieval Christian Thought


Social Sciences Electives

ANTH-105      Cultural Anthropology

ESCI-200       Society & Environment

PSCI-101       American National Government

PSY-110        General Psychology I

PSY-111        General Psychology II

PSY-210A      Social Psychology

SOC-101       Principles Of Sociology

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